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ELEHEAT Heated Gear & Air Conditioned Clothing
ELEHEAT's Products Contain Heated Gear and Air Conditioned Clothing
Heated Clothing Heated Clothing More Heated Clothing For Sale
Heated Clothing
Winter is really cold and the cold wind makes people shiver. However, heated clothing actively generates heat and can keep you warm at all times. We have a wide variety of heated clothing, such as heated jackets, heated vests, heated pants, etc., so that you can enjoy outdoor activities in winter.
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Heated Hand Warmer Heated Hand Warmer More Heated Hand Warmer For Sale
Heated Hand Warmer
Heated hand warmer, powered by mobile power, continuously heats up to keep your hands warm. When you are working, you can wear heated gloves to keep warm; when you are hunting or camping, you can use heated muff to keep warm. No matter how cold the surrounding environment is, your hands will not be frozen.
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Heated Footwear Heated Footwear More Heated Footwear For Sale
Heated Footwear
During the cold season, the feet are often the easiest to get cold and the most difficult to keep warm. But if you have heated footwear, you don't have to worry. Heated shoes, heated insoles, heated socks, which can heat and keep your feet warm, just as warm as there is a heater beside your feet.
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Heated Therapy Heated Therapy More Heated Therapy For Sale
Heated Therapy
If your neck, waist, knee or other parts of the body are often sore, then these physical therapy products are very useful for you. Heated cushion, heated shawl, heated Knee wrap, heated belt, etc., when the heat can emit far infrared rays, physical therapy for the body, relieve fatigue and soreness, and promote blood circulation.
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Accessories Accessories More Accessories For Sale
The battery and the heating elements are important components of the heated clothing. We use advanced heating technology and high quality components to produce good products. Batteries and heating elements can be purchased separately and can be customized for you according to your requirements.
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Cooling Clothing Cooling Clothing More Cooling Clothing For Sale
Cooling Clothing
Summer is hot, but it can also be cool. Air-conditioned clothing that comes with two lightweight fans and 3D three-dimensional circulation air delivery. We have air conditioned jackets, cooling vest, and cooling shirts to keep you cool and comfortable at all times, whether you are working, hiking, fishing or riding.
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Find Your Smart Clothing by Activity
ElEHEAT Offers One-stop Solutions For Smart Apparels For All Outdoor Activities.
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What Makes ELEHEAT Outperform The Market

Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of heated clothes and cooling clothes in China. Our main products are heated clothing, heated vest, heated shoes,  heated socks, air-conditioned clothing, cooling vest, etc. The products are suitable for outdoor work, fishing, riding, traffic and road administration, sanitation, electric work, golf, skiing and other scenes. We provide OEM\ODM service.We also have ISO9001:2015, GSV, WCA, 3C and other certification certificates.

ELEHEAT Heated Gear & Air Conditioned Clothing
Patent certificates for heated pad
The total production workshop area
Advanced production lines
ELEHEAT is one of the exceptional smart clothing manufacturers with certification. We design smart apparel to keep you cozy whether you travel, work, or play.
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Heating Technology
Heating Technology
ELEHEAT's heating technology, includes far-infrared heating technology, sensing technology, intelligent control technology, electronic devices, clothing connection technology, signal processing, and system communication technology.
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Heating Elements Technology
Heating Elements Technology
Our heating elements have the characteristics of tensile resistance, kneading resistance, washing resistance, bending resistance, etc., good stability, low rate of repair and customer complaints, stable process, and the advantage of mass production.
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Cooling Technology
Cooling Technology
In a high-temperature environment, the effect of heat dissipation from the human skin surface is limited if the body relies only on natural convection and evaporation.
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Heated Gear Battery Technology
Heated Gear Battery Technology
According to the type of products used in the matching, our batteries have three main categories, special batteries for heating apparel, special batteries for air-conditioning apparel, and dual-use batteries.
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Building 3, 305 Kangle South Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Building 3, 305 Kangle South Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China