ELEHEAT is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise dedicated to providing one-stop intelligent technology solutions for domestic and foreign brands. We specialize in the research, development, production, and sales of intelligent wearable products. As the leading manufacturer of heating and cooling clothing in China, our main product lineup includes electric heating clothing, electric heating vests, air conditioning clothing, electric heating shoes, electric heating socks, electric heating caps, electric heating belts, air cooling vests, and more. These products are suitable for various outdoor activities such as work, fishing, cycling, traffic control, sanitation, electric work, golf, skiing, and more. We also offer professional OEM/ODM services.

R&d and production

ELEHEAT is A company based on ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and has obtained international recognition such as ICTI Code of Business Conduct Level A certification, Global Safety Inspection (GSV), WCA certification and 3C product quality certification. We focus on the field of smart wear and have clothing production factories with a total area of more than 50,000 square meters. We independently research and design, production and sales of smart wearable products, and cooperate with foreign brands for many years, accumulated rich experience. Our production base has advanced production lines and quality departments to ensure product quality control.

Six core technical teams

Achieve product lifecycle management and development

Patent application and acquisition.

ELEHEAT has obtained 20 utility model patents and 3 software copyright qualifications.


We attach great importance to the accumulation of intellectual property rights. As of the first half of 2020, our company has obtained 4 invention patents, nearly 20 utility model patents, and 3 software copyrights. We have been awarded the title of "Dongguan Patent Cultivation Enterprise." In addition, there are still several invention patents and utility model patents under review.

What We Do?

Product Technology

Heating Technology
Heating Technology

Heated clothing is clothing with a built-in soft heating element that can be quickly heated and provided with heat at the touch of a button when connected to a battery. Examples include heated jackets, heated Vests, heated trousers, heated shoes, heated gloves, etc.

The heated clothing uses new heating technology and temperature control technology, so it has the characteristics of active heating, gathering temperature and keeping warm, intelligent temperature control, warmth and comfort.

The heated clothing is set up with 3 levels of temperature adjustment. It has a temperature of approximately 45°C to 65°C and can respond to changes in temperature at any time. With the heating gears, you can have a warm winter!

A/C Clothing Technology
A/C Clothing Technology

The air conditioned clothing has two small fans fixed on the left and right sides, located on either side of the back waist area of the garment. When the air-conditioned clothing is in operation, fresh air is introduced into the garment through the fans and the airflow moves through the garment and out of the neck and sleeves, creating a kind of circulation between the outside air and the inside air.

The constant breeze from the air-conditioned garment helps to evaporate all sweat, heat is dissipated and body temperature is lowered, bringing coolness and in the process creating a personal cooling system.

The goal of air-conditioned clothing is to expand the comfort zone of the body, keeping it cool and comfortable.

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Our History


A new Humen factory was established to expand the 

production scale.


(Health Development): Set up Nancheng office, 

specializing in the feild of smart clothing and continuing to expand related businesses.


(Fame Follows Merit ): Became the Guandong Provincial 

Enterprise Technology Center.


(Patents)Obtained the utility model patent certificate of electric heating vest, warm palace pants, hyperthermia

suit, heating module, heating gloves, heating product 

controller; obtained the controller appearance design 

patent certificate    


(New Achievement): Dongguan Southern Sparkle 

Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. was 

established, beginning to develop, produce and sell smart clothing;


(New Experience&Beginning):Developed the electronic heating temperature control device for heating clothing; 

began to engage in the smart clothing industry;


(Recognition): Recognized as "high-tech enterprise" in 

Guangdong Province;


 Obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification and ICTI social 

responsibility Grade A certification; won the title of “

Advanced Enterprise of Dongguan Electronics Industry 



Won the title of "Guangdong Private Technology 



Dongguan South Star Electronics Co., Ltd. was 

established with registered capital 1 million RMB;


Began to set up a R&D team to research and  develop 

smart toys

Quality management system.

We are committed to ensuring product quality, reliability, and stability. Through standardized management, from raw material procurement to final delivery,
we strictly control every aspect to ensure consistent high-quality products.


    ISO 9001-2015

  • Strictly adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system

    The company fully implements the ISO 9001:2015 standard, covering all activities including research and development, production, warehousing, and quality, to ensure excellent performance and competitive advantages.

  • Ensuring product quality and reliability

    Our quality management system complies with international standards. Through standardized management from raw material procurement to delivery, we ensure the stability of product quality at a high level.

  • Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

    With continuous improvement as a core value, we actively listen to customer feedback, optimize design, manufacturing, and service to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Efficient management system

    We have a highly operational, controllable, predictable, and traceable management system that effectively reduces resource waste and improves production efficiency.

  • Reliable supplier

    Our company adheres to ISO standards and has become a trusted supplier of smart clothing to customers. We continuously strive for growth and innovation, setting an example in the industry.


Comprehensive and authoritative certification to guarantee product quality.

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