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Analysis of Some Common Problems of Heated Shoe Insoles

Ⅰ. What are the characteristics of heated shoe insoles?

1. Using advanced heating technology, the heating is fast, safe and stable.

2. The heating temperature of heated shoe insole is about 40℃~60℃, and the heating time can reach 3~6 hours.

3. The temperature of the heated shoe insole can be adjusted in 3 levels. They are adjusted via a small remote.

4. Thermally heated shoe insoles are equipped with motion sensors. If your feet do not move for more than 5 minutes, the heating function will automatically turn off. As soon as your feet start moving again, the insole automatically activates the heating function.

Ⅱ. Is it better to heat socks or heat insoles?

In fact, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Their pros and cons largely depend on your expectations and intentions. If you want to be able to stand as often as you do while skiing, you may need heated shoe insoles. Heated socks are better if you do more sedentary activities, such as riding a motorcycle.

Ⅲ. How to use the heated shoe insole?

1. The battery for heating the insole is built into the insole. Fully charge the heated shoe insole with the provided charger.

2. Pair and connect the insole remote control with the insole.

3. Use the remote control to turn on the power switch. Select the heating temperature level of the heated shoe insole on the remote control. (H) High, (M) Medium or (L) Low.

4. Put the heated shoe insoles into your shoes or boots and put on your shoes.

5. Reminder: When heating the insole for the first time, you can set the highest temperature to heat quickly, wait until the appropriate temperature and then adjust to a comfortable temperature according to your needs.

Ⅳ. Frequently asked questions about heating insoles

1. Are ELEHEAT heated shoe insoles safe?

Of course, ELEHEAT heated shoe insoles are very safe and harmless to the body.

2. Should the heated shoe insole be removable?

Can't. Since the electronics including the battery and heating element are built in, they are integral and cannot be removed from the insole.

3. How long can the electric heating insole be used?

Fully charged can be used for 3~8 hours.

4. How long does it take to fully charge?

about 5 hours.

The battery for the electrically heated shoe insole is built into the heel of the insole. Heated insoles can be charged like a mobile phone, which is more convenient than heated socks. Heated insoles are recommended for skiing and hiking.

For physically demanding winter sports, heated socks can be very uncomfortable. Unless you have poor circulation, this type of activity should keep your feet warm. Heated socks are suitable for activities such as hunting and fishing that require prolonged periods of stillness. Heated insoles fit a wide range of boots and shoes and keep your feet at a constant temperature.

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