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Analysis On The Three Characteristics Of Heated Clothing Heated Pads On The Market

In the cold winter, who doesn't want to have a set of clothes that are light and warm enough? Lightweight, warm, and comfortable dressing requirements are the main points that consumers pay most attention to in winter clothing. And now, if you want to change the disadvantages of traditional winter clothes that are fluffy, bloated, heavy, and unsightly, you only need to add a heated pad that provides a heat source to your clothing actively.

In domestic and foreign, among the new heat-preserving and heating clothing researched and developed, the application technology of heated clothing is the most mature, and the main heated pad is the heating sheet. The raw materials of the heating sheet mainly include metal fiber composite wire and carbon fiber. The heated sheet currently developed by our company is available in two materials, namely the metal fiber composite wire heating sheet and the carbon fiber heating sheet.

1. Three characteristics of the heated pad

(1) Conductive Heating

The metal fiber composite wire heating sheet and the carbon fiber heating elements clothing have excellent electrical conductivity and heat generation. Especially, the carbon fiber heating sheet has an electric heating conversion rate of as high as 98.6%, which can save electricity. The resistance value of the two heating plates is stable, the heating is uniform, the heating temperature and the heating value can be controlled with the length of the heating wire and the working voltage, and it has very high safety. The heating sheet has a long service life, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional resistance wire of short service life and low electrothermal conversion rate.

(2) Physiotherapy And Health Care

The heated pads have good heating and health care functions and can achieve good physiotherapy effects in combination with the hot compress therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. After the carbon fiber heating sheet is energized and heated, the infrared wavelength of the thermal radiation is between 215 and 13 μm, which is the wavelength range that is easily absorbed by the human body and has a significant biological effect. Far-infrared rays heat the cold-prone parts of the human body, which can expand blood vessels, relax muscles and bones, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, relax muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and achieve good effects of promoting blood circulation and maintaining warmth and health care. This can provide thermal physiotherapy for some patients with arthritis, rheumatism, and poor blood circulation to protect the health of users.

(3) Thin And Flexible

The metal fiber composite silk sheet and the carbon fiber sheet are both soft and flexible in texture, very thin and tough, and have good softness and flexibility. The softness and processability of the fiber. They can be used as light and thin fiber materials with good performance, and can quickly respond to severe temperature changes, and improve the wear resistance of clothing.

2. Personalized customization of the heated pad

The goal of intelligent heating clothing is to realize that the human body can keep all parts of the human body in a comfortable temperature range under different environmental temperatures. The heat sensation of each part of each person is different, so the heating part and heating temperature should meet individual needs.

The linear heated pad of the heating sheet can be coiled into a variety of shapes, and has high unidirectional stretching strength, good strength, and durability, and is detachable and convenient for washing. Therefore, heated ski suit can be customized according to customer needs. The number, shape, power, heating temperature, and placement position of the heating film can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of human living standards, the demand for functional clothing is also increasing day by day. The heated pad makes the smart heating suit have the characteristics of intelligent temperature control, lightness and warmth, physical therapy, and health care and provides heat for people working or living in cold environments, which greatly improves people's comfort in life. The use of heat-generating pieces and the combination of passive heat preservation and active heating are used to design and develop smart cold-proof clothing. The microclimate in the clothing can store more heat and compensate for the heat loss of the human body. It has broad development and application prospects.

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