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Battery-heated Jacket Can Generate Heat to Keep out the Cold

Long-term exposure to cold environments can harm the human body. Low temperature can lead to a decrease in human skin temperature, frostbite, weakened physiological functions, etc., which can lead to related diseases and even death. In order to protect against severe cold, people usually wear various types of cold clothing.

1. Classification of heated coats

The current cold-proof clothing is generally classified into two categories, namely active heat-generating battery heated jackets and passive heat-insulating cold-proof clothing.

The most common one in daily life is passive heat-insulating cold-proof clothing, which mainly adjusts the content of the inner air layer of the clothing to prevent the body's heat from radiating to the outside to keep warm.

Such winter clothing generally has a multi-layer structure. Its cold-proof performance largely depends on the content of the still air layer inside the garment, which is mainly related to the thickness, weight, and number of layers of the garment fabric. However, there is an upper limit on the total thermal resistance of clothing, that is, 4 to 5 clo, increasing the thickness of the fabric and the number of clothing layers too much will not increase the warmth retention of the clothing.

Although the new thermal fiber material can reduce the heavy feeling of the clothing, it is still a passive cold protection technology. Once the garment is made, its cold-proof and warm-keeping effect is relatively fixed, it cannot be dynamically adjusted, and its range of use is small.

2. The heated coat can actively generate heat

Active heat-generating clothing is through the addition of a heat-generating device to actively heat the human body to keep warm. However, some new heat-regulating fiber materials, such as phase-change materials, can improve the thermal insulation effect of clothing, but the effective heating time is shorter. The phase change material bag needs to be replaced on time to ensure continuous heating function, which is very inconvenient outdoors.

The battery heated jacket is also a type of active heat-generating clothing, which achieves heating by implanting heating elements into the clothing. The heating device can provide a dynamically adjustable warmth function, effectively reducing the thickness of the garment and improving the flexibility of movement.

The way a garment is constructed can have an impact on its cold protection. According to the protection requirements of the outdoor cold environment, ELEHEAT has developed a new type of multi-layer outdoor cold protection suit, including a waterproof jacket, fleece liner, and cold pants. We use intelligent electric heating devices to improve the thermal insulation performance of outdoor cold-proof clothing.

The smart battery-heated jacket is connected to a low-voltage safety battery for use. The built-in heating element can quickly heat up and keep warm after power-on, and the three-stage heating temperature can be adjusted freely to actively respond to the temperature of different environments.

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