Eleheat air-conditioned clothing, A good choice for workers in hot environment!


In hot summerdays, when you stay in an air-conditioned room and enjoy the cool air, there are still a group of people who, no matter how hot and stuffy it is outside, or day and night, silently work hard at their posts. Among them are welders, outdoor repairmen, construction workers, miners, couriers, etc. Sweat soaked their bodies and flowed into their eyes and corners of the mouth, making people feel distressed. While with the wisdom of mankind, air conditioner is not the only way to solve the problem of high temperature in summer. air-conditioned clothing--developed by Eleheat, is undoubtedly a good choice for these workers this summer.


With detachable fans fixed in the waist area of the clothing, powered by the portable li-po battery, the fans blow out cooling wind without noise, by smart control of the 4-stages adjustable cooling, the wind will cover through the whole upper body, decrease the skin temperature by the evaporation of sweat and vapor.


If you are a clothing brand, or you are going to develop a clothing brand, or you are an enterprise/ institution, etc, and interested in our products, welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail tosales@eleheat.com.cn, Eleheat will provide you professional One-Stop Solution for Smart Clothing, Make you Clothing more Functional and Comfortable.