Mohe city is facing a widespread snowfall, Time to put on your heated clothes!


Affected by a new round of cold air, Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, located in the northernmost end of China, began to receive large-scale snowfall again this morning after the first snowfall on September 15. The max. snow depth has exceeded 5cm.


Vehicles covered with thick snow

Heavy Snow Presses Pine Branches

Traffic police command traffic

Snow truck operation

In order to ensure the traffic safety after snow, Mohe Traffic Police Brigade took up the road ahead of time to guide traffic. Mohe Airport dispatched special machinery to clear snow in time to ensure the normal departure and landing of inbound and outbound flights.

Snow accompanied by cooling, in order to protect residents to live in a warm house, the Mohe heating Department officially opened the hydrant heating on September 16, five days earlier than last year, opening a heating period of up to eight months.

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