Days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping. half of Autumn has passed, If you want to keep riding when the weather gets cooler, start thinking about it now, not when your fingers start growing numb.

It's no fun to engage in any outdoor activities in the cold. If you’re cold, your reaction times slow, and that’s no good when you're in cold outdoors.

However, you don’t have to despair when the mercury starts to drop, as you can try on heated clothing to keep you warm in cold days. As professional one-stop solution provider for heated clothing, we can offer you different solutions as below:

1st Solution: Heated Jacket with hood + Heated Gloves/Glove Liner + Heated Pants + heated Shoes/Insoles/Socks


2nd Solution: Heated Beanie + Heated vest + Heated Gloves/Glove Liner + Heated Pants + Shoes/Insoles/Socks


3rd Solution: Heated Beanie + Heated base layer Top & Bottom + Heated Gloves/Glove Liner+ Heated Shoes/Insoles/Socks


Heated Beanie—For your head

Heated Jacketwith hood—For your head and upper body

Heated vest/Base layer Top—For your Upper Body

Heaed Glove/Glove Liner—For your hands

Heated Pants/ Base Layer Bottom—For your Lower Body

Heated Shoes/Insoles/Socks—For your Foot

Any Solution of the above will absolutely keep you away from the cold, if you are interested in the heated clothing industry, pls. feel free to contact us for more information, we'll try our best to support you.