What Are The Features of Electrical Heated Underwear?


We guess that everyone has a set of thermal underwear in his wardrobe. As a base underwear on daily life, ordinary thermal underwear also has a good thermal effect. But as the temperature drops, you need to choose thickened thermal underwear with velvet.

Although it is worn on the body to keep warm, it is too bloated, unsightly, and even it will cause sultry and sweating due to airtightness, resulting in a sticky and uncomfortable feeling. But electrical heated underwear will not have these problems. It has many advantages. The main features are automatic heated, intelligent temperature control; far infrared rays, physical therapy and health care; light and thin thermal insulation, practical and fashionable; thoughtful design and superb craftsmanship.


Automatic heated, intelligent temperature control

Electrical heated underwear, the clothes inside the heated pads' (flexible heated fabric) energy is from the battery, the heated pads will convert electrical energy into heated energy and automatic heated. Electrical heated underwear can control temperature intelligent, simple operation, one-button heated, the display light color shows the gear,

there are three adjustable temperature, heated temperature is about 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ (temperature can be customized). Therefore, you can regulate the temperature of the electrical heated underwear according to the temperature change and your own needs freely, even in the coldest winter, you can keep warm by heated, keep the temperature, maintain the bearing, no longer helpless to choose thick thermal underwear because the weather becomes cold.

Far infrared rays, physical therapy and health care

The material of the heated pads of electrical heated underwear is carbon fiber heated wire or metal fiber composite wire, which can emit "far infrared rays" that are beneficial to human health when it is heated. The electrical heated underwear's heated position is mainly the abdomen, back waist, knees, which are important but easy to be cold parts, so these important body parts can be hot physiotherapy.

For the sedentary office crowd, waist warming, can relieve the waist of the sore fatigue, play a role in preventing lumbago; for women, abdominal heated, can relieve the cold or menstrual pain; for joint pain, rheumatism or "old cold leg" people, can prevent the re-attack of damp cold, relieve pain.


Light and thin warmth, practical and fashionable

Electrical heated underwear, the main component is cotton, very light and soft, heated up quickly. Wearing close to the body is very skin-friendly and comfortable. And it has very good elasticity, moisture absorption, warmth, heat resistance and breathability, can not only let the body unrestrained stretch, but also to keep the body dry and comfortable.

Durable and practical, very in line with the contemporary thin and warm dressing requirements. It is not only light and warm, but also has a high value and high quality. After being conquered by its appearance, you will more likely to be deeply impressed by its quality.

Thoughtful design and exquisite craftsmanship

Electrical heated underwear, with harsh and exquisite technology for 3D three-dimensional cutting; clothing collar hidden, waist tightening, cuffs hidden, easy to wear. Electric heated underwear also does not roll the edge, not loose edge, smoother, more skin-friendly, fit the body curve, not binding not tightening, no trace of invisible, repair show body, the body stretch free, warm and comfortable.

It uses super color spinning process, enhance the fabric layers, which can make the electrical heated underwear more wear-resistant, long wear and not easy to deformation, machine washing and not easy to shrink, also makes the color of electrical heated underwear more textured and more classy.

Compared to ordinary thermal underwear, electrical heated underwear has a lot of advantages. For example, the electrical heated can generate heat to keep warm and respond to changes in ambient temperature; far-infrared physical therapy function; lighter, thinner and warmer, etc.

This is not only a new era of thermal underwear or clothing development progress, but also the traditional clothing in contemporary society is an important expression of the transformation and development. Perhaps, in the near future, electrical heated underwear or electrical clothing will have more and more intelligent features, adding luster to the future of intelligent life.