How Is the Warmth Effect of Heated Vest?


At the end of winter and early spring, it is the first warm and cold time, wear more will be hot, wear less is easy to catch a cold, but wear heated vest just right. Electrical heated vest, heated warmth, temperature can be freely adjusted, can easily respond to changes in temperature, keep body warm, can prevent the body from cold. When the weather suddenly becomes warmer and there is no need to heat the body, the electrical heated vest can stop the heated function and be worn as a general vest. How is the actual warming effect of the ELEHEAT electrical heated vest? Is it waterproof? Is it washable?


ELEHEAT electrical heated vest's heated pads using carbon fiber heated wire as the heated material, which has good electrical heated performance, fast heated, heated pads are very soft and light, so that the electrical heated vest wears no strange feeling. Electrical heated vest has a very good warming effect. Through the button on the clothes to heated (or use the cell phone APP to regulate the temperature), within 5 minutes can reach the highest temperature; vest has three grades of temperature adjustment, heated temperature is 30 ~ 60 , can be adjusted according to their own needs. In addition, the electrical heated vest can also keep the body warm at a constant temperature, so that the body is constantly warm and not attacked by wet and cold.

The electrical heated vest is light and soft, durable, safe and practical. The heated pads of the electrical heated vest are mainly arranged in the front chest, back, abdomen, waist and back neck (collar part), and the heated pads and the built-in connection line are carefully designed to be waterproof, and it is resistant to folding and pulling, with a long service life. Therefore, the electrical heated vest can be washed in water, machine wash or water wash, but the battery needs to be removed before cleaning. Electrical heated vest can still be used normally after cleaning and drying.

Southern Sparkle Wearable has been deeply engaged in the electrical apparel industry for nearly 10 years and has made greater achievements in the research and development of electric vests. ELEHEAT electrical heated vest, using the company's independent research and development of a full set of carbon fiber far-infrared electrical heated and heated technology and modern intelligent temperature control technology, fashionable and trendy style, humanized design, good warmth, high safety, quality assurance.