The first smart clothing exhibition in Shanghai


The first Smart Clothing Exhibition was held in Shanghai from Apr.17 to Apr.19 2017.

The weather gets colder and colder, people feel uncomfortable in freezing day. Every kinds of thermal underwears, down jackets, coats fulfilled l in the market. Every company are trying their best for the market share in this field. Recently, a new intelligent heating cloth is made by Dongguan Sparkle Wearable Technology Co. Ltd attracted many consumers.

The heating system is getting more and more popular in the market, with the features of safety, comfortable and convenient. The heating pads can emit far infrared, promote blood circulation, beneficial to health. Easy to use, simply put the lithium battery into the waist pocket and plug heating carrier of the clothes, power plugs (DC plug), Fast heat, Adjustable 4 heat level. More important, it’s easy to wash, you can wash with common clothes together by removing the Li-ion battery before put in the wate.

For over 10 years Eleheat has been developing self-heating technology to overcome cold at speed. Whether you're jumping out of an airplane at 30,000 feet, ripping a first decent at sixty miles-per-hour or running wide open on your bike in the dead of winter, Eleheat heated clothing stores factory delivers the highest performance and most distinctive designs in the outerwear market.