Hello! Is your cervical vertebra still fine?


The cervical vertebra is located between the head and the body, which plays a very important role in human body; But cervical vertebra is one of the most vulnerable parts of human organs. It is made up of seven bones, and our head weighs 7~8 kg, so the active pressure of the head needs these seven bones to bear. If the head and neck keep a posture for a long time, it is easy to cause cervical pain due to muscle stiffness and fatigue, and then induce cervical spondylosis, and even some symptoms that seem to be out of line with the cervical spine: dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess, inattention, memory loss, etc. Although we all know the importance of protecting the cervical spine, we always fail to really protect the cervical spine because we are too busy at work and the long-established habits are difficult to change. Therefore, we especially need a heated neck guard to protect the neck, so as to help maintain the neck anytime and anywhere.


The heated neck guard is small, portable, easy to operate and comfortable to wear. Hot compress hyperthermia can effectively relieve fatigue and soreness of neck, maintain cervical vertebra, relax tight spirit and make people feel comfortable.

1. Far infrared heating therapy. A far infrared heating system is built into the heated neck guard, which can generate 5.6~14 micron thermal light waves after working. Those far infrared light waves are beneficial to the human body, can promote the nerve and blood flow in the neck, play the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and dredging meridians through blood circulation, and can effectively alleviate the stiffness of the body; It can also penetrate deep into subcutaneous tissue and accelerate the metabolism of harmful substances, which is more effective than general far infrared physiotherapy products.

2. Ergonomic structural design. Our company has a professional design team, makes the heated neck guard with professional designs and three-dimensional cutting according to the shape and bending degree of human neck. The heated neck guard can fit people's neck and make users feel comfortable when wearing it.

3. Comfortable inner material. The inner lining of the heated neck guard is made of composite cloth, which has good extensibility, warmth retention and hygroscopicity, is very comfortable, soft, breathable and dry, and has a good maintenance effect on the neck. In addition, the USB power cord of the heated neck guard can be connected with any mobile power supply or computer with USB port, which is very convenient and practical.


With the increasing popularity of electronic products such as computers, iPad, smart phones, and the change of modern lifestyles, cervical spondylosis is obviously getting younger. Among them, office workers who work at their desks, low-headed people who love to play with mobile phones, and workers on the assembly line are the high-risk groups of cervical spondylosis. Therefore, the maintenance of cervical vertebrae should be attracted high attention to. In addition to using heated neck guard to protect the neck and keep the neck warm, it is necessary to slowly correct the bad posture; Exercise moderately to strengthen the muscle strength around the neck; Choose the right pillow; Massage to relieve neck pain. The most effective way to protect the cervical spine is to maintain good sitting and walking habits in daily life; The most practical thing is to use heated neck guard to protect and maintain the neck in daily life.

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