The working principle and market prospects of heating clothing


In cold North America and Nordic countries, many people suffer from frostbite in winter. Heating clothing can help people living in cold regions avoid frostbite and promote blood circulation, helping patients relieve pain.


Cold weather will reduce people's immunity. In the virus epidemic season, wearing a heated jacket or a heated vest can not only feel warm, but also avoid influenza.

The working principle of heating clothing

By placing heating sheets on the front and back of the clothes, and connecting the battery through a carbon fiber thread, an electrically heated clothes can be realized. The heating pad and carbon fiber thread we use are waterproof. Even if we have washed it in the washing machine, it can be used after drying.

Note: The battery is not waterproof, it must be taken out before cleaning. The heated clothes can be supplied with 5V, 7.4V or 12V rechargeable batteries.

Polyester and cotton are used as lining materials to keep warm even without heating function. We provide OEM and ODM customized services with short production cycle, which can help you quickly occupy the market.

The choice of heating clothing battery

Some friends don’t know how to choose the battery power source. The 5 volt battery is similar to the mobile power source of the mobile phone.

7.4 volt battery is small and easy to carry, and its heating effect is better than that of 5 volt battery.

The 12-volt battery has the best heating effect and has a long service life. It is suitable for people who work outdoors in low-temperature areas for a long time. The disadvantage is that it is expensive.

Heating gear factory

Eleheat is a manufacturer of heated vests, heated jackets, and heated underwear. We provide 5V, 7.4V and 12V rechargeable batteries. We use waterproof carbon fiber heating accessories, and the heating elements have passed CE/FCC certification and comply with RoHS requirements. Support material size and color customization. Our factory is in China, we employ skilled workers for production, strict quality inspection, stable delivery time, no need to worry about delays.