Heated clothing - the solution for cold weather protection


Wind-blocking garments, battery heated garments keep you warm without the exhaustion of wearing multiple layers of clothing. Wind-blocking fabrics make our portable garments suitable as outerwear as well.


Our premium windproof micro-carbon and softshell outer fabric limits air permeability and increases insulation and comfort because of a laminate fabric bonding layer embedded in the fabric.

The battery-powered portable heating system uses new technology with very thin but strong bundles of non-metallic carbon fibers. These fiber bundles are integrated into your garment to actively warm your core and stimulate blood circulation to your chest and back. It uses safe Low-power far infrared rays radiate heat from the integrated carbon fiber bundles.

Many popular products feature an easy-to-use lanyard power and controller wiring system to control and adjust the heat level of the garment, which is worn underneath the jacket or outerwear and includes a one-touch heat controller with a multi-color heat indicator that turns cold shivers into warm comfort at the push of a button.

Why is this so important for warmth?

If we use regular wool or fabric, heat seeps out of the pores like water from a bucket. You'd always need to turn the heat up to high levels to feel any degree of warmth, thus draining the battery faster.

With our special multi-layer windproof material and six-layer softshell garment, heat is trapped within your core area, and once you feel comfortably warm, you can turn the heat level down or off. This approach better preserves and makes the most of the battery's energy, keeping you warmer for longer periods of time.

Rechargeable Battery Packs

Our battery packs utilize the safest lithium ion rechargeable battery technology on the market and can power heated garments for hours. The battery pack is stored in an inner pocket of the heated jacket.

A standard rechargeable battery pack can provide you with up to 6 hours of continuous heating, while a double capacity rechargeable battery pack can provide up to 12 hours of continuous heating during standard use.

Safety First

Committed to the safety and well-being of our customers. We take every possible measure to ensure that our heated garments and rechargeable batteries are of the highest quality. Each one is thoroughly inspected and tested before it leaves the garment factory. Below, we have tried to list some of the more important safety concerns of our users.

Is there a risk of electric shock?

A common concern when it comes to heated garments centers on the misconception of electrocution - especially when it's raining. It is virtually impossible to be electrocuted by portable heated clothing.

Since the rechargeable heated garment systems used in heated jackets, undershirts, glove liners, etc. operate at low voltages - less than 12 V. In theory, you could jump into a river and feel a slight buzz at best. Heated garments operate at only 7.4 volts, which is lower than the average voltage of most children's electronic toys.

What about high-frequency electromagnetic field radiation?

All battery-powered electric heating garments are also safe for high frequencies. Any battery-powered electric heated garment operates at less than 13V DC at 0Hz; this means there are no EMFs.

In 2007, at least one manufacturer of battery heated clothing had its products recalled by a national retailer because of the risk of overheating or fire. As with any product, all electric heating suits are not created equal and you need to be confident that the product you are buying is safe and from a reputable manufacturer.

How can you build that confidence?

First, check that the manufacturer has passed recent independent tests to verify safety. For example, heated garments have been rigorously tested by independent testing laboratories, and more details of these tests can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Again, all heated garments are not created equal. We have supplied our heated products to large, well-known, quality retailers, and such large retailers have stringent testing requirements, meaning that quality assessments have been completed for you.