Eleheat heated seat cushion, You must try it.


When you sit on the Eleheat heated seat cushion, you will feel like sitting in the clouds.

You must try it!

The typhoon came, and there were three waves of cold air behind them to stand in line for a raid, and the “waist chopping” cooling was about to start. At this time, we should pay special attention to keeping warm, in order to prevent the temperature from suddenly changing and cold. Thus, various warming products have been developed. Today, we will introduce a kind of warming product – heated seat cushion.


The reason for introducing the heated seat cushions is that most people in modern cities sit for long hours, especially office workers. They have to sit for at least 8-12 hours every day when they work, and they still sit when they go home to play with their mobile phones. “Sitting” occupies an important position in people’s life. Although we all know that sedentary is harmful to our health, we have to be sedentary in order to work. Coupled with the cold weather, everything is cold, every time the buttocks do need courage. Since you have to sit in any way, you might as well sit more comfortably. The traditional heated seat cushion generally uses traditional electric blanket heating material, which uses 220 V power supply. When it is electrified and heated, it will produce strong electromagnetic wave radiation and induction electricity, which will seriously harm people’s health if it is used for a long time. And our company’s heating cushion has no such harm, but also has various benefits to the body.


(1) Far infrared thermotherapy and health care

Our company’s heated seat cushion takes carbon fiber or metal alloy heating pad as an important component, with rapid heating speed and heat conversion rate as high as 98%. It can emit far-infrared ray only with dozens of volts or even lower voltage and power. Therefore, the electromagnetic radiation is very low, even can be called “no radiation”. Among them, far-infrared ray has the function of physical therapy and health care, can improve blood circulation, improve joint pain, regulate autonomic nerves, skin care and beauty, improve immune capacity and anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

(2) Warm and comfortable

The heated seat cushion is designed according to ergonomics. It has moderate hardness and soft. It can effectively relieve fatigue and is warm and comfortable. The temperature of our heated cushion is adjustable at 40 ℃, 45 ℃ and 55 ℃, intelligent temperature control, comfortable and safe, which is very suitable for keeping warm in winter.

(3) Safe and practical. For sedentary people, heated seat cushion is necessary in winter. The seat cushion can make people sit comfortably and healthily. Its cover can also be disassembled and cleaned, which is very practical and convenient.


In addition, in terms of quality and safety, our products are very trustworthy. Our company is a professional heating pad manufacturer, focusing on the heated clothing industry for nearly 10 years. We have conscientiously implemented the iso-9001:2015 management system and obtained the certification certificate. We have also obtained the class a certification of ICTI business code of conduct, GSV global safety certification, WCA certificate, etc., as well as a number of patent certificates of heated products. The professional quality department controls the product quality level by level and ensures the quality. Therefore, our heated cushion is quite safe.

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