Put on this heated ski jacket, and be the "most handsome boy" on the ski resort


Winter is coming, but even if the cold wind is howling and the snow is falling, it can't stop people from rushing to the beautiful world wrapped in silver snow. With people paying more and more attention to fitness, indoor and outdoor sports are rapidly popularized in China. In the snowy winter, skiing is of course an essential sport. Skiing has a low threshold, and it has a lot of fun while exercising, so it is easy to be accepted and liked by people. Choose a heated ski jacket, you can have a better time in skiing.

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The environment of ski resort is cold, coupled with the movement during skiing, ski suits must have the basic functions of keeping warm and preventing snow, so the fabrics used in ski suits are very important, and the functions of lightness, firmness, waterproof, ventilation and windproof must be taken into account to keep you warm and dry during skiing.

Because of the large range of movements in skiing, a good ski suit should give attention to both extensibility and comfort. The heated ski jacket is filled with high-grade silk-like cotton which is light, warm, soft and hard to deform. The polyester functional fabric is waterproof, windproof, light and durable, tear resistant, puncture resistant, excellent wear resistance and best durability. The neckline of the windproof cap is lengthened to cover the lower jaw, so it is not easy to leak air when skiing. The humanized design ensures the windproof and warm-keeping performance of the ski suit to the greatest extent. In terms of air permeability, zipper ventilation openings are provided to increase ventilation permeability, sweat and reduce humidity. The heated ski jacket is treated with waterproof coating, which effectively blocks the infiltration of rain, snow and frost, and can provide all-round warm protection for the wearer in extremely harsh environment.

The heated jacket is intelligently controlled by APP, which can heat with one button and keep temperature intelligently, and has three heat settings. Therefore, the heated ski jacket can be freely adjusted to comfortable temperature according to the environmental requirements of ski resorts and skiing. With the heated ski jacket, skiers don't need to add clothes when they feel cold outdoors, and they don't need to take off clothes indoors, which is very convenient.

Skiing is a very cool extreme sport. The heated ski jacket is warm, comfortable, practical and stylish enough to be worthy of the confident and handsome figure of the ski resort. This ski suit is cool, eye-catching and fashionable. When you wear it, you are the "most handsome boy" on the ski resort. More importantly, striking colors can provide a layer of safety for skiers. If skiing on high mountains, especially on steep slopes, it is easy to get lost or encounter avalanches if you are away from the ski resort carelessly. In this case, bright clothes can provide a good vision for searching.

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