Air Conditioned Golf Jacket


Hot summer, whether to go outdoors for entertainment and leisure activities or to work outdoors, are bask in and hot, uncomfortable. Summer is a season of high demand for sun protection and cooling. Air-conditioned clothing, which can protect against sun and cool down, has become increasingly popular recently. Air conditioning clothing wholesale which is better? What brand of air conditioning clothes more trustworthy? Xiaobian strongly recommend nanyao ELEHEAT brand air conditioning clothing. The reasons are twofold:


(a) from the product - air conditioning clothing

1. The material of air conditioning clothes

Air conditioning clothing is generally made of 100% polyester fiber (customized according to customer needs) and exquisite textile sewing process, so that the fabric density is higher, improve the windproof and has good touch, moisture absorption and waterproof. Net cloth is added on the back of the air conditioning suit to avoid strong wind blowing directly on the body, and the wind becomes more soft; There is a special battery pocket on the inner left side of the garment for easy air regulation.


2. Fan of the air conditioner

The fan adopts full copper core brushless motor, the maximum fan speed is 6000rpm, low noise, reduce wear, long service life. The wind is strong with 9 blades and has 4 adjustable wind speeds. In the hot environment without air conditioning can optimize the body temperature, improve work efficiency.

3. Batteries for the air conditioner

The battery in the suit can be directly used to adjust the wind speed gear. The 6800mAh large capacity battery has passed PSE certification in Japan. The output voltage is 7.4V, with TWO kinds of OUTPUT ports of USB/DC, and has 7 kinds of charging protection functions, such as short circuit protection, over current protection, over discharge protection, over charge protection, etc. Use time in the strongest wind about 5~7H, strong wind about 7~10H, in ordinary wind about 10~14H, weak wind can be used for more than 15H. The battery is compact and light, easy to store. The air conditioner is machine washable. (Note: Please remove the battery, electric fan and power cord before washing.)


(2) From ELEHEAT brand strength -- research and development and production

1. Research and development strength

Nanyao ELEHEAT brand has a strong r & D strength, professional R & D team of more than 100 people, can be divided into clothing design team, structure design team, electronic development team, software development team, experimental testing team and project management team. From project start, to design, review, implementation, sample, test, etc., there is a perfect process system. So far, it has obtained more than 50 patents, so it is also very strong in the research and development of air conditioning clothing.

2. Production strength

Compared with ordinary factories, our factory has passed and strictly followed the ISO9001:2015 system. If there is any problem, we have real and substantial data records to trace back, and our factory can withstand the inspection of customers. In order to ensure the consistency and stability of air conditioning clothing, heating clothing and other products, we adhere to the international sampling standards, from IQC-IPQC-OQC, strict supervision of the production line, product quality testing, product quality control layer by layer.


The application of air conditioning clothing is very wide, such as leisure, outdoor, mountaineering, fishing, agricultural operations, gardening, golf, field work, transportation, factories and so on, the demand on the market is very huge. Our company specializes in air conditioning clothing wholesale customization, has very rich industry experience, and can provide 1 year product warranty. If you are still entangled in air conditioning clothing wholesale which is better? We strongly recommend nanyao ELEHEAT brand, which can also provide OEM/ODM cooperation services.