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Air Conditioned Jacket for women
EH-J-081-Air Conditioned Jacket
EH-J-081-Air Conditioned Jacket5
EH-J-081-Air Conditioned Jacket1
EH-J-081-Air Conditioned Jacket2
EH-J-081-Air Conditioned Jacket4
EH-J-081-Air Conditioned Jacket3
EH-J-081-绿灰Air Conditioned Jacket
EH-J-081-绿黑Air Conditioned Jacket

Air Conditioned Jacket for women

Model :  EH-JAC-081

Material : Polyester

Battery : 5200mAh

Wind speed gears : 4 gears

Size : M / L / XL / XXL

Features : Light and thin fabric, breathable and quick-drying, ultraviolet-proof, wind speed adjustable, no vibration and no noise, convenient and portable.

Product accessories : A pair of fans, a connection cable, a battery, a charger, a piece of clothing.

Product Principle:

The operating principle of the air conditioned suit comes from the regulation process of the body's own physiological cooler.
The fan in the air conditioned suit introduces outside air at a high speed, and the introduced air flows in parallel between the body
and the clothes.In this process, the hot and humid air in the clothes is discharged from the cuffs and collars, and the sweat
is evaporated by the wind, making the body feel cool and comfortable.


    Air conditioned clothes can keep the body cool in the hot summer and reduce physical consumption. Air conditioned clothing is widely used in various industries at home and abroad,
    such as public security, traffic police, electric welding, construction, maintenance, express delivery, etc.

  • Outdoor work

  • Special industries

  • Outdoor leisure

  • Outdoor duty

·Brushless Motor, Powerful Air Supply:

There are 7 impellers, with strong power pressurization and strong wind.
Cool down in 3 seconds. High-quality environmentally friendly plastic.
High temperature resistance, pressure resistance and drop resistance.

·3 Level Settings, Large Battery Capacity:

The movement is made of all copper, which can reduce vibration and noise.
Impact resistance and energy saving let the motor run at high speed.
Mobile power bank, lasting 5-8 hrs, 3 speed levels adjustment.
All can be customized according to requirements.

1. Remove the outer ring of the fan and place the fan in the clothes hole.

2.Adjust and correspond to the position of the buckle, and buckle the outer ring of the fan.

3. Plug in the connection cable, connect the battery and fan.

4. The fan can run as soon as turning on the battery power.

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