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Cooling Technology

In a high-temperature environment, the effect of heat dissipation from the human skin surface is limited if the body relies only on natural convection and evaporation. This is how air-conditioned clothes were born. Air-conditioned clothes introduce a fan inside the clothing to enhance heat exchange, using the fan to bring cool breeze and strengthen the cooling effect of human body temperature, which can significantly reduce the temperature of the body surface and truly achieve coolness and comfort.

What Are Air-conditioned Clothes?

Air-conditioned clothes, also known as fan cooling clothing or cooling clothing, is a kind of clothing that can be continuously supplied air by a fan after connecting to a mobile power bank to keep the body cool and comfortable. An air-conditioned clothes include clothes, two fans, a mobile power bank. The fan diameter of the air-conditioned clothes is about 10 cm ( fan size can be customized ), designed on both sides of the back waist. After connecting the battery, press a button to turn on the air-conditioned clothes. The natural wind quickly covers the surface of the body, exhausting heat and cooling quickly.

Working Principle Of Air Conditioned Clothes

1. Body Temperature Regulation

The constant body temperature in humans is regulated by the combination of nerves and body fluids, and the relative equilibrium is achieved by the body's heat production or dissipation. Temperature changes in the surrounding environment can change the body surface temperature and stimulate the cold and heat receptors of the skin, causing the regulation of body temperature.

When the ambient temperature drops, the body's thermoregulatory system controls heat production through regulation by factors such as the sympathetic-adrenal system and thyroid hormones. When the ambient temperature is equal to or higher than the body temperature, evaporation of sweat and water becomes an effective way to dissipate heat. When the body evaporates 100 ccs of sweat (water), the same amount of heat is absorbed as when 800g of ice is melted from an ice cube.

2. How Do Air-conditioned Clothes Work?

If there is enough fresh air flowing parallel to the body, sweat can be completely evaporated and the cooling effect can be achieved. If there is no airflow, no matter how much water you drink, it will only waste sweat and fail to cool your body.

The body's thermoregulatory function is limited, and exceeding the adjustable threshold may lead to heat stroke or deficiency. Air-conditioned clothes strengthen the body's temperature regulation function and use a fan to bring fresh and flowing air, evaporate sweat, realize cooling, and provide the human body with the best cooling effect.

3. The Specific Process Of Air-conditioned Clothes Operation

There are two small fans fixed on the left and right sides of the air-conditioned clothes, which are placed on both sides of the back waist of the clothes. When the power is turned on, the two fans run, drawing air from the external environment into the clothes, causing the airflow to flow in parallel through the clothes, and flowing hot air out of the neck and sleeves, thus forming a kind of circulating air layer between the external air and the internal air.

The continuous blowing of air from the air-conditioned clothes helps to evaporate all sweat. Heat is dissipated and body temperature is lowered, bringing coolness and creating a personal cooling system in the process. The goal of air-conditioned clothes is not to lower the temperature of the outside of the body, but to expand the comfort zone of the body so that the body is kept cool and comfortable.

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