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Cooling Work Clothes

Even though the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremonies drew a lot of criticism, the white "air-conditioning jackets" worn by the US flag bearers at the opening ceremonies caught our attention. Ralph Lauren's leading brand provides this "air-conditioned jacket," which incorporates RL COOLING technology to enable the flag bearers of the US team to cope with the sweltering weather in Tokyo. According to Ralph Lauren, the Olympic and Paralympic flag bearers will wear jackets with battery-powered automatic temperature cooling systems. 

Do Cooling Shirts Really Work?

The air-conditioning clothing is made of polyester fabrics and a unique miniature nine-blade fan. The principle is that the fan supplies the air to form a circulating flow of the air conditioner so that sweat immediately evaporates, absorbs heat from the human body surface, cools the human body, and makes the body relaxed and comfortableThe battery powers the air-conditioning suit. The two waist fans continue to blow perspiration, swiftly evaporating it, lowering the skin surface temperature, reducing sweating, avoiding heatstroke, and improving work efficiency while preventing sun protection and cooling. The air-conditioning suit's fan can be taken off, and the battery may be recharged and used again and again.

What Is Cooling Fabric Made Of?

When worn close to the body, the fabric of the air-conditioning suit uses environmentally friendly mending technology, is pollution-free, does not decolor, does not distort, and is highly skin-friendly and healthy. The ice silk of the fabric is smooth to the touch and has a particular waterproof effect; the inner material is skin-friendly, soft, and comfortable. Air-conditioned clothes are made of polyester fiber fabric with nano sun protection factor, which uses innovative technology to block most of the physical rays and sun protection. Breathable mesh is also used in air-conditioning garments to ensure that air is spread evenly throughout the body. 

Benefits Of Wearing Cool Workwear

Air-conditioning clothing can provide comfort and coolness even with no air conditioning; indoors, it can also help you save money on air-expensive conditioning's electricity expenses. The device can monitor and optimize the wearer's body temperature, activate a system when the wearer is overheated, and produce a lasting "coolness" regardless of the external temperature. The battery-powered device is placed on the back of the jacket and blows cold air to the wearer's neck. It allows the wearer to have a long-lasting cooling sensation even in the most sultry conditions.The air-conditioning suit has four temperature and wind speed settings. With the support of the large-capacity battery, the fan can run for up to 8.5 hours in the high gear and 24 hours in the low gear. It can last for a long time and keep the temperature cool. To reduce sunburn induced by long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, air-conditioning clothes can resist ultraviolet rays and filter direct ultraviolet rays from the sun. Mosquitoes are always fierce in the summer, and they are destructive and must not be disregarded. The air-conditioning suit's long-sleeved design and fully-covered hood design efficiently prevent mosquito bites. The elastic band around the hem of the garments shrinks naturally in response to body shape, preventing air from departing fast and mosquitoes from entering the garment.

The air-conditioning suit's placket uses high-quality zippers that are tight and smooth, and the quality is reliable; the extended cuffs are designed with open handguards to prevent tanning and sunburn on the back of the hand while holding the fishing rod; the shoulders and armpits are designed with color matching, which is beautiful and elegant to wear, not only raising the level of comfort. The overall appearance is more lively and stylish.

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