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Development Expectations for Smart Battery Heated Jackets

The continuous development of science and technology and the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology have promoted the continuous maturity of intelligent warming coat technology. But technology is always people-oriented, and technology can make human life better. While smart clothing is intelligent, it also needs to pay attention to humanization. The intelligent electric heating clothing should start from the product, carry out personalized design according to the characteristics of the target group, and formulate a suitable design plan.

For intelligent electric heating clothing, our expectations for it are intelligent heating personalization, integration of knitted electric heating clothing weaving, intelligent electric heating clothing human-clothing interaction, and functional upgrade of intelligent battery heating sleeves.

1. Personalization of smart warming coats

Everyone's body is different, and the heat sensation of each part of the body is different, so the heating part and heating temperature should meet individual needs. It is expected that intelligent electric heated clothing can keep all parts of the human body within a comfortable temperature range under different ambient temperatures and the inner environment of the clothing so that there is no need to worry about the temperature of the clothing being too high or too low.

The intelligent warming coat is familiar with the individual's temperature regulation habits, and can automatically adjust the temperature according to each person's characteristics, so that the wearer feels warm and comfortable, and realizes the real intelligent temperature regulation.

2. Knitted battery heated jacket weaving integration

With the continuous development of microelectronics technology and new textile materials, designers can design and weave electric heating elements and circuits in an integrated manner to make smart warming coats look more beautiful and improve wearing comfort.

If it can be integrated with the fashion design of clothing, smart electric heating clothing will look more fashionable and beautiful, attract the attention of young people, and be more easily accepted and loved by the public.

3. The intelligent battery heating cover can realize the interaction between people and clothes

Human-clothing interaction is the interaction between humans and clothing. In order to realize the interaction between humans and clothing, the intelligent warming coat may also need to add new technologies such as machine learning and big data analysis to truly realize the intelligent interaction of clothing. The development of individualized smart clothing that can realize human-clothing interaction will be the development trend of electric heating clothing.

4. Function upgrade of smart battery heated jacket

When the power supply problem is properly solved, the smart battery heated jacket can use a variety of sensors to obtain environmental information, so that the processor can work with multiple tasks. In addition to the intelligent warm-keeping function, the clothing also has functions such as listening to songs, positioning, physiological monitoring, and intelligent alarm to meet more physical and psychological needs of users. In the near future, smart electric heating clothing is not only a piece of clothing but also an electronic device. Maybe it can replace smartphones and become another high-tech product that subverts the times.

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