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Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Heating Gilets

The electric heating gilet is not an ordinary garment. When purchasing or wearing it, some customers still have a lot of questions about it. Below, we summarize some common questions and answer doubts, so that everyone can have a better understanding of electric heating gilets.

1. Is electric heating gilet safe?

Electric heating gilets and other electrically heated clothing are clothing that are powered by batteries to heat the heating element to keep warm. Everyone's doubts about whether they are prone to some security problems are completely understandable. When developing these electrically heated garments, our developers put safety at the top of their list of tasks.

The electric heating gilet has passed the pressure test, high temperature test, heating test, aging test and so on in terms of safety. This process is repeated over and over before an electric heating product is brought to market. Production personnel conduct strict quality inspections during the production process, strictly control product quality and safety, and the risk of problems with the electric heating gilet is extremely low, so you can wear the heating gilet with confidence.

2. How to charge the electric heating gilet?

It's as easy as charging your phone. Just connect the battery of the heating gilet to the charger provided by the manufacturer, and then plug it into the power outlet. When it is not fully charged, the LED light of the charger shows a red light, and when it is fully charged, it shows a green light.


(1) It is important to maintain at least 25% battery charge when not in use. Failure to do so will cause performance issues and shorten battery life.

(2) Disconnect the power bank from the port of the heating gilet when not in use. Because even when powered off, the vest will continue to slowly drain power from the power bank.

3. How to clean the heating gilet?

Staying warm with a heated vest is a great convenience, but it requires proper maintenance of it. Thankfully, heated vests are surprisingly easy to clean.

The first step is to disconnect and remove the battery, pocket the vest's connecting wires, and zip up all zippers. Whether you wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine, cold water is best.

In the second step, put the heated vest in the laundry mesh bag, and then put it in the washing machine to wash, be sure to cycle gently. Be careful not to use bleach or similar strong solvents as this will destroy the insulation of the vest.

The third step, just let it dry. (Do not twist the vest, as this may distort its heating element.)

4. Is a heated vest worth it?

If winter is coming and you are always afraid of the cold or need to work outdoors for a long time, heated vests and other electrically heated clothing are definitely worth it. The electric heating gilet can provide you with long-term and continuous warmth. Its heat may also improve blood circulation and can help relieve muscle and joint pain. Some warming heated vests are unisex, classic and stylish, and very practical.

5. How long is the heating time of the electric heating gilet?

Most heated gilets can last up to 8 hours on the low setting. Maybe only two or three hours at the high. So if you need to keep warm for a long time, you can buy a spare battery or two.

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