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Fleece Heated Socks

Fleece Heated Socks

Material : Wool + Spandex + Elastic

Battery : 2 x 2400mAh

LED controller with 3 heating settings : High, medium, low.

Size : One size fits all

Features : Warm, breathable, deodorant, antibacterial.

Material, color, size, voltage, power, battery specifications, heating area, etc. all can be customized. Welcome to consult!

3 heat settings adjustable,temperature 40℃-60℃ in cold weather

1) Smart 3 heat settings control.

2) Palm heating or 5 fingers and the back of hand heating

3) High temperature up to 60℃

4) Long lasting battery life:3.7V, 2200mAh lithium polymer

battery pack can be used for 3-7.5 hours

Remote control version Heat Settings

Switch the battery to "on", heated socks start to work.

Press the "H" button of remote control, socks work in high-level mode.

Press the "M" button of remote control, socks work in mid-level mode.

Press the "L" button of remote control, socks work in low-level mode.

Switch the battery to "off", heated socks stop heating up.

·Composited Metal Wires Heating Elements Features:

1,rapid heating, electric conversion efficiency of 98 %, and energy saving.

2,the far-infrared radiation rate, 8-15mm infrared temperature radiant is beneficial to humans.

3,good oxidation resistance heating element, not aging, durable.

4,the resistance value is stable, even heating, heating temperature and heat energy can be with the wire length, voltage regulation control.

5,high tensile strength.

6,can not afford to break the arc, effectively prevent fires.

7,light weight, effectively reduce the weight member, thereby improving the performance of component technology.

8,chemical stability ( corrosion-resistant , not easy to be oxidized ). In the absence of oxygen and heated to 3000 degrees, the mechanical properties without any change in the electric state of the wire to overcome, PTC, silicon carbide heating low strength, easily oxidized blown shortcomings.

  • Tensile Test

  • Washing Test

  • Temperature Rising Test

  • Temperature Aging Test

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