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Heating Elements Technology

Our heating elements have the characteristics of tensile resistance, kneading resistance, washing resistance, bending resistance, etc., good stability, low rate of repair and customer complaints, stable process, and the advantage of mass production.

Core Technology Of Heating Pads

Heating Technology

The heating material we choose is mainly carbon fiber or metal fiber composite wire. They are a combination of carbon material's strong tensile strength and fiber soft processability of the material, with electrical, thermal, and mechanical advantages of performance. The heating element accelerates uniformly and stably, and the electric heat conversion rate is up to 98%.

ELEHEAT heating module, combined with clothing can be intelligent warmth and cold so that your winter is comfortable and warm.

Far Infrared Function

The heating element is a lightweight material that is soft and bends into many different shapes. When heated, it emits far-infrared light waves, which are beneficial to the body's health.

Far infrared helps to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce joint stiffness and inflammation.

Personalized Customization

The heating elements developed by our company have good performance and high safety; advanced technology and safe process. At present, they are widely used in all kinds of products, etc. We can customize the power, number of pieces, temperature, battery capacity, standby time, etc. according to customer requirements.

The electrically-heated apparel with built-in heaters is temperature-controlled by APP, intelligent temperature control and health data at all times.

Application Of Heating Pad

Heated Clothing

Electric heating jacket, heating jacket, electric heating underwear, heating gloves, electric heating vest, heating shoes, heating socks, etc.

Home Heating Products

Electric heating blanket, heating mouse pad, electric heating foot pad, electric heating blanket, electric heating belt, electric heating insulation cup cover, etc.

Other Customized Products

Car heating cushion, motorcycle heating cushion, pet heating cushion, electric heating physiotherapy products, nursery heating cushion, USB electric heating products, etc.

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Building 3, 305 Kangle South Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China