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Heating Technology

ELEHEAT's heating technology, including far-infrared heating technology, sensing technology, intelligent control technology, electronic devices, and clothing connection technology, signal processing, and system communication technology. The heated clothing uses high-end technology, which can generate heat safely and control temperature precisely.

We have focused on the research and development of heated clothing for nearly 10 years. After an in-depth study of related technologies, we have mastered more mature heating technology. We have a wealth of experience and can customize it for you according to your needs.

Far-infrared Heating Technology

Heating clothing heating warmth can emit a far-infrared wavelength of 4 ~ 14μm. The human skin tissue absorbs infrared rays, making the local temperature rise, forming the thermal effect of far-infrared rays. The thermal effect causes vasodilation, promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, and plays a role in improving the prevention and resistance to disease.

Sensing Technology

Intelligent heating clothing in the addition of such as thermal sensors, such as the addition of humidity sensors and pressure sensors. Sensors can be used to collect information such as temperature and humidity of the environment inside and outside the garment can be passed, monitoring the heat and humidity comfort of the electric heating suit and other physiological indicators of the human body.

Intelligent Control Technology

The intelligent control system can receive the information collected by the sensors and perform data processing and judgment, and then use the control command to drive the heating components to generate feedback to achieve temperature regulation. The microcontroller can also integrate Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other modules to communicate wirelessly with the user interface to achieve intelligent temperature control.

Electronics And Garment Connection Technology

Heated garments are generally connected using a multi-layer structure. The ordinary insulated wire heating circuit and electric heating element are fixed in the middle layer of the garment, the control button or microcontroller is fixed in the waterproof silicone film with hot melt adhesive and sewn on the surface of the garment, and the rechargeable power supply is placed in the pocket.

Signal Processing And System Communication Technology

Commonly used short-range wireless communication technologies mainly include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other technologies. In intelligent electric heating garments, the transmission and reception of information require signal processing, and system communication technology is used in the process of signal transmission.

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Building 3, 305 Kangle South Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China