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How about Women's Heating Gilets?

On cold winter days, keeping warm is undoubtedly the most important thing. Wearing a thick coat will keep us warm, but overly bulky clothing can limit movement and make physical activity difficult. As the top of the electric heating clothing industry, the heating gilet is classic and versatile, with active heating, multi-zone heating, and three-speed temperature adjustment. It is very suitable for wearing alone or with a light jacket, allowing us to have a warm winter like spring.

1. Multi-zone heating of heating gilet, warm and comfortable

The heating elements of the heating gilet are mainly designed on the left belly, right belly, collar and back. Multiple zones are heated at the same time to keep the core of the body warm and make the whole body feel warm.

The temperature of the heating gilet has three grades, and different temperatures can be adjusted through the LED button. At the touch of a button you can get the desired temperature (45°C for blue light - 55°C for green light - 65°C for red light). Because the skin is sensitive, the collar will feel hotter than other parts, but the temperature of the heat is the same.

2. The heating gilet is heated quickly and has a long working time

Carbon fiber heating elements or metal fiber composite wire heating elements, heating quickly. Long press the button of the heating gilet to start the preheating, the heating element heats up quickly, and the heat is obviously felt within a minute. The vest is powered by a 7.4V UL/CE certified battery with a working time of up to 10 hours (4 hours for high-end, 6 hours for mid-range, and 10 hours for low-end), keeping us warm and comfortable all day long.

The heating gilet has a built-in thermal protection module to prevent the vest from overheating and is safe to use. The battery's USB port is convenient for charging a smartphone or other mobile device.

3. The self-cultivation of the heating gilet is fashionable and easy to clean

The heated gilet is designed with a slim fit and is stylish in style. It can be worn inside or out, making it very versatile. It is mainly made of 100% nylon fabric and cotton, which is warm and comfortable to wear even in rainy and snowy days. The vest is easy to use and easy to clean. The heated vest with built-in heating element is completely hand and machine washable. Before washing, take out the power bank, put the USB port into the pocket, zip up and put the vest into the laundry bag, machine wash.

A heated vest is the perfect piece to keep warm in the cold winter months. When the vest is heated, the carbon fiber heating element releases far infrared rays, which can promote the body's blood circulation and metabolism while keeping warm, and keep the body healthy.

The heated vest is suitable for a variety of occasions, including daily commuting and outdoor activities such as golf, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, biking, ice fishing, camping, and more. It can also be used as a gift for family, lovers, friends and yourself!

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