What Is Smart Clothing?


Now, smart phones, smart furniture, smart cars have gone deep into our lives,do you know what is smartclothing?so let me tell you.

Smart clothing is the product of the combination of textile engineering, electronic information science, material science, human science and other related disciplines.In English,it is the product of the combination of clothing and intelligent technology.There are four main fields of smart clothing:entertainment, sports , medical health and military equipment.




Entertainment smart clothing focuses on people's experience of clothing and life.The main intelligent functions are positioning and navigation, answering phone calls, playing music, electronic payment, automatic temperature adjustment, mood expression, etc. Smart clothes make a better life.


Sports smart clothing can record steps, respiratory rate, heart rate, heat consumption and other data. In addition to monitoring physiological parameters, it can also help athletes confirm their position, orientation and speed, and provide real-time feedback to guide users to correct body posture.

3、medical health

Medical health sports clothing has the function of monitoring body information, mainly refers to the ability to accurately collect the physiological characteristics of human heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, EMG signal and other physiological information, providing reference data of body condition. The wearer can know his own health status at any time and treat the problem in time, so it can be called the wearer's personal health nurse.

4、military equipment

Military equipment smart clothing can not only monitor the physical indicators of soldiers, but also resist the invasion of fire, weapons, chemicals and so on, It can enhance the combat capability of soldiers and protect their bodies.

Smart clothing is constantly improving our lives, I hope it can bring us a bright future.