Can I Use Washing Machine to Wash Heated Clothes?


Heated clothing is a kind of functional clothing which can be heated and kept warm.It has chemical heated clothing, solar heated clothing, and electric heated clothing.In this article,I will introduce the electric heated clothing to you.



The working principle of electric heating clothes is that the power bank charges the heating module, and the heating module heats the clothes;So there is a question: can electric heated clothes be washed by washing machine?

The answer is yes,the heating module is wrapped in silica gel,So it can be waterproof,On the other hand, it also has good flexibility.However, it should be noted that the power bank can not be placed in the washing machine,it isn't waterproof,you need to put it on the other side.

If you still don't want to put the heated clothing in the washing machine,there is another way.Put the heating clothes into the laundry bag, and then put them into the washing machine,in this way, the heating suit has double protection, so you don't have to worry about it.

In a word, the heated clothes can be washed by the washing machine, but the power bank needs to be removed and put aside.