What Is The Electrical Heated Clothing?


Electrical heated clothing is a general term for a class of clothing that uses electrical energy to drive the electric parts inside the clothing to work, generally consisting of ordinary clothing, mobile power, heating elements, temperature control devices, safety protection devices, etc., which are connected to each other by wires.

The mobile power of the electrical heated clothing, similar to ordinary rechargeable batteries, which are portable and convenient. Power supply is generally used below 12V human safety DC voltage, far below the human safety voltage of 36V.


Heating element, a flexible heating fabric, usually using three kinds of heating materials: heating metal wire, carbon fiber heating material and graphene; generally arranged in the forehead, front abdomen, back waist, back, joints and other heat-sensitive parts of the human body, to protect the human body vulnerable to cold parts.

The role of the temperature control device is to regulate the switch of the electric heating element according to the change of human body temperature; the role of the protection device is to automatically shut down the power when the circuit fails to protect human safety.


Electrically heated garments have been developed significantly in recent years due to their simple process, easy processing, high heating efficiency, controllable temperature and increasingly mature heating technology.

Electrical heated clothing can provide assistance to soldiers, workers, outdoor athletes and other personnel who need to work in extremely cold temperatures to ensure that they work or exercise in a state of human thermal comfort and avoid frostbite incidents.

In addition, electrical heated clothing also has many uses in the medical field, such as providing far-infrared heat therapy for some rheumatism and arthritis patients, as well as those with poor blood circulation, promoting blood circulation, dispelling cold and dampness, and relieving fatigue and soreness.

Electrical heated clothing can also be combined with other technologies (such as communication, monitoring, health care, physical therapy, etc.), thus extending the variety of clothing known as "multi-functional intelligent clothing".