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It's cold outside, so let's think about our outdoor lover somewhere in the forest, surrounded by snow-capped mountains.The national park's rule is "leave no traces," so we'll bypass inflatable sofas and luxury camping cookers.In order to make your trip enjoyable and interesting, we recommend that you make preparations during your stay.First, we need to keep people warm, and we start with boots.

Our favorite outdoor camping gear

You can have the most beautiful boots and still get blisters when it's cold outside.People with regular jobs don't get their feet tanned like Apache warriors.They need heated wading socks and heated insoles so they don't frostbite their toes with cheap camping gear.

Next, they needed a warm down jacket, waterproof on the outside, so they wouldn't feel left out when they trekked into the cabin.Tip: Choose brightly colored camping gear so rescuers can easily find them.Just in case, because you never know.

Their hands will also take a hit, since only reckless hikers keep their hands in their pockets.They need to use a trekking pole without using their hands to repel the constant insects.Dad's warehouse sells the best warm clothes.Check out their camping equipment solutions here.

All right, we've got the basics.What's next on the camping gear shopping list?With all these zippers, one of them will get stuck.Unzipping a semi-frozen zipper with gloves on might cause them to say things you might not like.Therefore, it is safe to add a reliable, collapsible, multifunctional tool to their camping gear.Tip: Lightly lubricate the connector with oil to make tool opening easier.

Even the best tools in the world won't help you when you're lost in the wilderness and can't find your way back to camp.Add a compact GPS locator to their camping gear.Tip: Put it in a light aluminum flask with a sip of brandy so they know where to look when they need it.

A compact notebook with a waterproof zipper and two pens inside is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast so they can jot down the location of their hike and add it to their Facebook account.Leave a note on the cover expressing your gratitude for them.You might even get the answer when they come back!

Finally, don't forget to include ignition and water purifiers in your camping gear gift.This almost completes our list of top camping gear for outdoor activists.Wait, before you go, we have one more suggestion.If you have lost your way, why not visit our Hunters' Corner to discover the true outdoor life.Browse for a while and you're sure to find something that suits your camping gear.