Heated gloves keep people warmer in cold


Colds have been a common problem for many people since ancient times.Especially in the cold winter, even if you wear thick clothes, your hands and feet will feel cold.But with electric heating gloves, that problem may be solved.


Electric heating gloves can be used to keep warm from the cold and can be heated by an external power source.Electric heating gloves are sure to keep you warm and comfortable on a cold winter day.However, follow instructions carefully to prevent accidents.

Working principle

Electric heating gloves are made of a smart heating layer called carbon fiber as a heating element.The core of the glove is made of carbon fibre, whereas ordinary electric heating elements are made of filaments or films.

Product structure

Electric heating gloves are based on the "human bionics" glove design, using the principle of "electric heating technology", belongs to the traditional gloves, but has been replaced by newer products.Non-metallic materials are self-heating materials.During heating, the carbon fiber produces a temperature in the far infrared, which is generated by the interaction of various solid objects inside.The air in the glove is heated evenly to maintain constant temperature and heat.

Heating system

The intelligent heating layer is arranged on the back of the hand of the electric heating glove to achieve accurate heating.The installation hole of the electric heating glove adopts a special sealing method, the heat is not tightly sealed, and the cold air from the outside will not penetrate into the inside, so that the whole handle keeps a constant temperature in the internal cavity.

Electric heated gloves use intelligent electric heating device to obtain energy, high performance insulation cotton as insulation layer, intelligent control of hand heating products.The system makes full use of the remaining electric energy of the existing motorcycle power generation winding, which not only saves energy, but also provides a good protection for the safe driving of cyclists.

Applicable people

Heating gloves are suitable for the elderly, children, women, poor blood circulation and other cold people in winter.People who need to work outdoors, electricity, security, oil exploration, health, shipbuilding, construction, etc.When engaged in outdoor sports, like mountaineering, skiing, cycling, fishing and so on.