How it Works - Free Weightless Battery Heated Glove Liners


Keep your hands warm this winter by putting on these battery-powered heated glove liners before you put on your gloves. Weightless glove liners use microfiber heating bundles to disperse warmth above and below each finger.


Thin gloves allow for easy movement, but will let the cold in. Thicker gloves may trap more warmth, but grip and dexterity may be greatly reduced. If you're already cold, even the thickest gloves won't warm you up quickly. Sure, you can get thick gloves that can be heated, but that requires you to strap a heavy, uncomfortable battery to your wrist or arm.

Worn underneath the outside gloves, the weightless battery heated glove liners are thin, snug and stretchy. These comfortable glove liners quickly generate heat to warm your entire hand, which is then retained by your favorite pair of outside gloves - ski gloves, work gloves, hiking gloves, cycling gloves, bike gloves, etc. Wear your weightless heated glove liners with different gloves for any cold weather activity.

Gloves are warm but not heavy

Each glove is designed with a small pocket to store the battery, which is light enough to ignore his weight, a definite advantage for athletes, professional workers or any other active users who don't need to carry extra weight and can let themselves enjoy the outdoors.


Three heat settings make the Free Weightless Glove Liner ideal for stopping and starting activities such as skiing, golfing, hiking, hunting, shoveling, outdoor chores, and outdoor activities. Regular gloves will have you sweating one minute and freezing the next for such activities. But the controller lets you adjust to your ideal heat setting with the push of a button, making post-exercise chills a thing of the past. And there's no more need to put on and take off bulky gloves.

Glove lining for comfort and coziness

By using materials developed for the aerospace industry, such as integrated bundles of soft carbon microfibers, you don't feel any wires or other heating elements - only the heat they generate. The invisible heating elements extend along the sides of each hand, fingers and thumb, ensuring complete comfort, dexterity and evenly distributed warmth. Even your fingertips will feel warm!

These glove liners not only keep your hands warm, but they also keep them dry. Made of fast-drying, ultra-wicking, stretchy brushed polyester, they repel outside moisture with ease. The glove liners also have a moisture management system that keeps your hands dry by pulling moisture out of your hands, even when you're sweating.