Smart Heated Clothing's warm layer construction for stop-and-go activities


Your body temperature feels great when you arrive on the slopes in your warm car, cold again when you change into your ski boots, pack your backpack and put on your skis, but then hot and sweaty when you start skiing. While drinking water, while switching to downhill mode, or when the wind picks up and the weather turns bad, you suddenly find yourself freezing again.


As someone who straps my skis to my feet for most of the winter, I'm constantly faced with the problem of staying warmer and more comfortable while venturing out in the snow, and without clothing that helps you adjust, you repeat this hot and cold cycle throughout the day as you move up and down the mountain with smart thermals that provide insulation and protection without compromising breathability.

As someone who has to stop every 10 minutes to readjust and take off your clothes when you become too hot and sweaty ...... Only put it back on when you are moving at a slower pace or when the breeze picks up and reduces the wind chill factor. Also, more time spent adjusting your clothes on the trail means less time skiing fresh snow.

After the first stage of struggle and embarrassment, you enter the 'boldly start cold' stage where you find yourself leaving the trailhead with very little clothing, rushing up the mountain in anxiety and trying to get your blood flowing so you can finally start feeling your toes again. At this stage, you've figured out how to save time, but with that comes misery. It's much easier to play when you're not cold.

Through testing countless garments and a lot of trial and error, it was discovered that smart heated garments can combine a heated layer construction with a down vest, featuring waterproof and breathable technology, making them the ideal mid-layer to keep you warm and not let heat escape, even during long periods of activity and extreme cold.


Staying dry due to the presence of smart heated down is ideal for optimal warmth in variable, rugged and even wet conditions and also dries faster when wet, allowing excess heat and moisture to escape when body demands (such as climbing) cause your body temperature to rise. Keeps your body temperature neutral, enabling you to go further at a higher intensity.

The wind and waterproof fabric of the Smart Heat Down repels water and wind from the outside while allowing your body to release heat and sweat from the inside, you know that 'hot and cold' problem we were talking about, this new piece of kit eliminates that problem and keeps you dry and balanced no matter what your activity level or environmental conditions are.

Just like hunting, ski trips are very rewarding but not without their challenges. It is important to be well prepared and to learn how to handle cold conditions properly. My old ski suits served their purpose, but this new technology is the most advanced in the world.

Having replaced them with smart heatedClothing down vests and jackets, there was no need to worry about overheating, collecting moisture and just letting that moisture lead to a chill, a clearer head to detect avalanche conditions and more time to get fresh air, appreciate the surroundings and enjoy the day.