Why heated vests make fishing trips longer and more comfortable


If you enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing or hunting, you'll be thrilled with the heated vest, which provides over five hours of pleasant heat on windy or even icy days, and in recent years a clothing range consisting of vests, jackets, base layers, gloves and soles has become hugely popular among us. This type of clothing is perfect for anglers for three reasons: heat, freedom of movement and quality.

be thrilled with the heated vest

Press the button and you can focus on your hobby

Heat-generating clothing has built-in heating zones from which heat spreads to other parts of the body. The design of the vest, for example, has three heat generating zones with thin carbon fibres woven into the fabric on the chest and back, areas that are central to our body temperature and health.

In addition, this location is the perfect place for heat to circulate throughout the body, as the battery begins to heat the tiny carbon fibres with the push of a control button on the chest of the vest. You'll notice the result in a moment: the warm, comforting heat from the vest warms your cold body.

No more layers of clothing

It's always best to dress for the weather, but in changeable weather it can actually be a challenge. Layers are the way to go with a good, solid padded jacket. After all, you are very quiet on a fishing trip, so clothing is absolutely vital to a good experience.


The problem is that one can easily feel like a Michelin man, wandering around in several layers of clothing. But with a heated vest, you can skip the multiple layers and maybe just leave the padded jacket at home for anglers and hunters who need to stay warm and fully prepared when the animals show up.

Too much clothing can ruin the fun

The heated vest is made from high-tech materials that are both breathable and flexible. The waistcoat acts like a windbreaker and is waterproof at the same time. With the Ultimate Comfort Technology, the traditional thick insulation is replaced by tiny microfibres, thus allowing greater freedom of movement than traditional thick jumpers and jackets.

traditional thick jumpers and jackets

Too much clothing can easily become a hindrance to an active outdoor life and for its part, the heated vest is a cosy middle layer - if it gets cold, you turn on the heating. The temperature can be regulated by three stages of heat: low, medium and high.

Quality clothing

As an outdoor person, the quality of your clothing is crucial. It should be usable and should have a proper fit so you don't notice you're wearing it. The garment is designed and sewn to be worn, and not only has the garment heating system been tested by many outdoor enthusiasts, the garment itself is made to last for years to come.

garment heating system been tested by many outdoor enthusiasts

Heat generating clothing

High quality heated clothing is what athletes and professionals demand from their clothing and equipment. The range includes men's and women's waistcoats, as well as a base layer of two-piece long underwear with built-in heating zones. In the base layer, the heating zones are distributed over the groin, knees, waist, back and chest.

a good alternative to a heated vest

As an angler or hunter, the base layer can be a good alternative to a heated vest if you want your custom-designed hobby garment as an outer layer. The technology of the long underwear is the same as that of the heated vest, which is woven with fine carbon fibre threads. The temperature control buttons are well positioned and easy to reach even when wearing a jumper or jacket outside.