Research and Markets has announced the addition of the Wearable Technology 2016


Wearable technology concerns any electronic products that are designed to be worn on the person. In this report, analysts find that the market will be worth over $30bn in 2016, and growing in three stages: 10% annually to over $40bn in 2018, but then accelerating to 23% through to over $100bn by 2023, before slowing to 11% to reach over $150bn by 2026.

Compiled after three years of dedicated and ongoing research by expert analysts, this report details coverage of the wearable technology ecosystem. The report looks at the industry from many different perspectives, with detailed discussion framing core primary research and market forecasting.

The report examines the historical context for wearable technology products, looking at key yet contrasting sectors such as medical devices and commodity infotainment items like headphones or electronic watches. It then focuses on key trends today, ranging from societal megatrends (e.g. the aging population), to industry-wide innovation trends (e.g. evolving form factors and interfaces in devices), and finally down to core player-by-player strategies within industry and product verticals.

The report includes analysis and forecasting across 39 categories of wearable technology device, segmented by industry, product type and location on the body.

Product Type:

Smartwatches - Including case studies on product evolution relative to the future of smartphones and new standalone personal communication devices

Fitness trackers - Including wrist-worn (in two separate categories), chest worn, the move to apparel and other form factors (clip-on, ear-worn, etc.)

Smart eyewear - Including virtual reality (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality, smart contact lenses

Smart clothing - Including elite sportswear, consumer sports apparel, heated apparel, chest straps, medical apparel, fashion apparel, workwear monitoring apparel, military apparel and others

Medical devices - Including breakdown by disease vertical, e.g. diabetes (sensors & pumps), cardiovascular treatments and monitoring, skin patches (physical, chemical, body area mapping), contact lenses (glaucoma, diabetes, etc.), hearing aids, neurological treatments, diagnostics devices, and others

Other infotainment devices - Including headphones (basic and smart, low and high end) and electronic watches

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