Google patent suggests that firm is developing smart NAPPY that tells parents when it needs changing



The smart nappy design

Googleis known for its wacky ideas, and the latest patent filed by the firm’s parent company, Alphabet, is no exception.

The patent describes a smart nappy design that notifies parents when theirchildhas gone to the toilet.

The nappy uses moisture sensors, which can even distinguish between wee and poo.

And if the nappy does detect that your child has gone to the toilet, it will send you a smartphone notification that you should change the nappy.


Micro-electrodes within the nappy would measure changes in activity.

In thepatent, Alphabet said: “The diaper sensor may include at least one pair of conductive elements positioned within an absorbent region of the diaper.

“The diaper sensor may also include a transmitter and a control circuit operatively connected to the at least one pair of conductive elements and the transmitter.”

The sensors would link up to a ‘control circuit’, which would then determine whether there was poo or wee present in the nappy.

It is unclear when, or if, Alphabet plans to develop the nappy.

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