#3 Smart Clothing Technologies that Could be the Next Big Thing in Wearables



Wearable technology is changing our lives really fast. Let's face it, wearables have significantly evolved in recent years. From wristbands to jackets, it looks like wearables are becoming the next big thing. But wearable tech isn’t only about fitness bands and high – tech accessories, the new entrantsare inventing methods to integrate technology in our clothes. The smart clothing is set to storm the market this year which will connect you to technology from head to toe and give you details about your fitness and health. The most important use of smart clothingwill be to gain health information and keep track ofbody's basic functions. The main difference betweensmart clothing and normal clothing is the sensors that are embedded in the fabric to read your body.

Let's take a closer look at three examples of smart clothing that highlighthow technology is transforming the fashion industry.

Google and Levi's Connected SmartJacket :


Google and Levi's have come up with their first commercial product -Project Jacquard Commuter Trucker jacketwhich will allow the wearer to control their mobile experience and connect to a variety of services, such as music, maps directly from the jacket.The jacket is integrated with aJacquard technology that allows todesign and produce connected, interactive denim garments that are indistinguishable from the brand's traditional clothing. The connected clothing product wasfirst announced at the Google I/O developer conference back in 2016 and is expected to cost around $350 .

Welt-The Smart Health Belt :


Weltis awellness belt thattracks key health data and provides tips and warnings for your health. The smart health belt which got introduced at CES last year is made bySamsung's Creative Lab. It uses sensors and pedometerto give health-related insights to the user.The devicepairs with a smartphone app totrack three main general health indicators: waist size, activity and food intake.Just like any other fitness tracker, Welt has a battery life of more than 20 days. The company currently offers four different designsof the smart belt: Classic, Classic Men, Classic Women and Premium.

The Smart Tracker to Analyze Your Running Form:


The Lumo Run shorts and capris have a sensor technology embedded into the waistband of the garment that capturesaccurate running biomechanics through core body movements.Ithelps runners train the same way professional athletes do, with customizedreal - time coaching and research grade insights. While you are running the sensor transfers information to an app on your smartphone and provides information in an audio form to make sure you're walking right. After running, the app displays numbers and stats about your overall form.

By Nidhi Singh from Entrepreneur India

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