Aerochromics, Smart Clothing That Monitors Pollution in Real-Time


Have you heard of designer Nikolas Bentel? If you haven’t, then allow us to enlighten you. He is the creator behind new clothing line Aerochromics, that combines technology and fashion.


Highly innovative, the unisex brand brags a fabric that begins to change from black to white at 60 AQI (Air Quality Index). The line of reactive clothing transforms its pattern when increased levels of harmful particles are detected in the air. Giving you added awareness of your surroundings, the tees are made from 100% soft cotton and are created using Aerochromic dye.

Starting a revolutionary trend, Bentel, who believes that 30% of the world currently breathes unsafe air –air at 60 AQI and above, recognizesthat as our air quality deteriorates, weneed to closely monitor the type of air we are breathing.AerochromicT-shirts have been designed to ensure your safety from harmful pollutants and radiation that surrounds you by looking after your well being.


Unobtrusively monitoring pollution in real-time, the color-changing tees will give you an awareness of your surroundings through a natural interface. ForNikolas Bentel, connected clothing could be one of the ways that we can effectively solve the air qualityproblem.