Survey on heated clothing industry


Mostheated clothingis designed for cold-weather sports and activities, such asmotorcycleriding,downhill skiing,diving,winter biking, andsnowmobiling, trekking and for outdoor workers such asconstruction workersandcarpenters. Since the London Olympics, heated clothing has also been used by athletes to keep their muscles warm between the warm-up and the race.

Recently, we made a small survey in heated clothing industry, as part of smart clothing, from Google trend and other analysis report, we found that the market share of heated clothing—which include heated clothes such as heated jackets, heated vest, heated pants, and other heated accessories such as heated beanies, heated gloves, heated insoles, heated shoes, heated socks—is now increasing rapidly, more and more companies entered into the heated clothing industry.

Heated clothing were originally developed for outdoor workers, such as construction workersandcarpenters, Brands like Milwaukee, Dewalt, Metabo, AEG, Bunnings, etc. then extended to cold-weather sports and activities, such asmotorcycleriding,downhill skiing,diving,winter biking, andsnowmobiling, trekking. so far, More and more brands specialized in heated clothing have entered the market, like Ravean, Ororo, Gerbing, Vulcan, Gobiheat, Voltheat, FNDN, Ventureheat, Kelvinstyle, Polar seal, Eleheat etc.

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