Is the wearable device getting cold? Smart clothing may "surge survival"


When we mention wearable devices, the first impression in our mind is the external devices such as smart watches, bracelets, glasses, etc. However, after a year of getting hot, many young people began to abandon these external wearing devices.

Endeavour Partners, a US mobile market research company, has conducted a survey on the US wearable market and found that most consumers are willing to buy and try wearable devices, but they seldom rely on them. 50% of consumers will give up using them after 17 months. As a result, wearable devices are getting hot fast, and getting cold fast, which many wearable device investors did not expect.

Wearable devices such as smart watches quickly became unpopular for their own reasons. First of all, it is because the homogenization of such products is too serious. Basically, they are mainly based on step counting and heart rate measurement. Secondly, due to the small size but powerful functions of smart watches and the like, it means that more electricity needs to be consumed, which will lead to a serious lack of endurance of smart watches. Last but not least, people are most concerned that the current smart watches all serve under the banner of health care. However, most smart watches lack reliable medical grade data and their health trackers are not accurate. All these factors are restricting the development of wearable devices.

According to IDC data, global wearable device shipments increased by 10.3% in 2017 compared with 2016, far lower than the 27.3% in 2016 compared with 2015. The growth trend of wearable devices is obviously slowing down, which also means that wearable devices on the outside have encountered development bottlenecks. So how can we break this situation and where is the future of the wearable device market?

At present, with the development of science and technology, the development situation of wearable devices may be greatly improved. Looking at the current wearable market, most wearable devices still stay in the "wearing" field. All designs are all around smart watches, smart bracelets, smart rings, smart glasses, etc. However, in the "wearing" field, there are few explorers. We can wear no rings and bracelets, but we can’t wear no clothes. This is a market with rigid requirements. Through the development of smart clothes to enhance the protection of people, smart clothes will become the next "hot cake" of wearable devices.

The slow development of smart clothes before was due to technical limitations, which made it impossible to develop comfortable fabrics to wear. Now with the continuous innovation of fabric technology, from "networked textiles" to "deep fiber technology", the clothing industry is undergoing a huge change, and intelligent clothing is no longer a dream.

It is understood that researchers at MIT have made a major breakthrough in wearable technology. They have successfully embedded high-speed optoelectronic semiconductor devices including LED and light sensitive diodes into fibers, and woven them into washable flexible fabric, built a communication system with the fabric. This technology provides a technical basis for people to develop waterproof fabrics and intelligent clothing.

This means that the integration of semiconductors into textiles is no longer envisaged. In the future, this kind of fiber will be more used in the clothing field. The development of intelligent wearable clothing will be a major development direction in the wearable field. "Human-centered intelligence" is the core concept of wearable, and clothing will become the next theme of wearable equipment.

Now more and more enterprises have seen the development prospect of intelligent clothing and have taken the lead in exploring it. It is understood that Senko Intelligent Company has cut into the research and development field of wearable technology from a robot enterprise, and has developed a variety of intelligent wearable technologies for clothing, making wearable clothing a reality. In addition, companies such as the Septwolves and the Saint Angelo have also begun to focus their attention on wearable devices, using technology to energize clothing and create smart clothing that is popular with the public.

With the rapid development of wearable clothing, a number of wearable clothing with special functions have been put on the market, including heated jackets that can generate heat and keep warm, jackets that can emit light and change various colors, smart sportswear that can detect heart rate, and so on, which are popular with the public.

It can be said that smart wearable clothing will be the next development outlet, and many enterprises have already started to enter the market. However, due to cost constraints, how to popularize it will also be a big problem for manufacturers.

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