5G is coming. How does the apparel industry change?


On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television, marking China's entry into the first year of 5G commercial.


5G, as the next generation of cellular communication technology, has the characteristics of high speed, high reliability, low delay and large capacity, which triggers people's reverie about its future (even President Trump can't sit still). It can be predicted that 5G technology will be widely and deeply integrated with various fields of economic society, and become an important Engine of future economic transformation and growth.


The arrival of 5G era will have a profound impact on our lives, and will also set off a new wave of technological upgrading in various fields. So, how will 5G affect our apparel industry?

1. Promoting the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing

With the proposal of "Made in China 2025", garment manufacturing industry is gradually turning to intelligent manufacturing. Through the application of new technologies, it is developing towards automation, digitalization and intellectualization. In this process, 5G technology will play an important supporting role.

5G will promote the application of industrial robots more widely. The Internet of Things links the field processors and sensors so that the robots can communicate with each other. The receiving efficiency of instructions is accelerated and the working efficiency is improved. Using 5G and AR technology, the equipment can be maintained by remote operating robots, which greatly reduces the maintenance time and manpower costs.

2. Closer Supply Chain Collaboration

5G technology will help more intelligent factories to land, achieve seamless connection of production equipment, and further open the design, procurement, warehousing, logistics and other links, so as to make the whole garment supply chain more closely coordinated.

Through the Internet of Things to connect all production equipment, real-time monitoring, the system can quickly respond to abnormal indicators, and the production efficiency will be greatly increased. All operations and data generated during production will also be synchronized to the production scheduling center to monitor and control the issuance of instructions and receive real-time updates. According to the analysis results, intelligent production, replenishment, dispatch and so on are carried out to realize the overall intelligent manufacturing and flexible production.

3. Scene Experience Upgrading of Stores

With the support of 5G technology, traditional stores will accelerate the pace of intelligent upgrading, and the effective integration of intelligent hardware will create a better shopping experience for consumers.


Consumers can experience the upper body effect of clothing through fitting mirror, support photo sharing and let family and friends make choices together; the addition of cloud shelves solves the limitations of store space, realizes the functions of virtual display, shopping guide and online order placing through display screen; intelligent payment will be more widely used, face recognition, online order placing, etc. Face-brushing payment will increase again in response speed and security... These interactive scenarios will bring consumers a novel and comfortable shopping experience, thus closing the gap between stores and consumers.

4. Digital Driven Marketing

Data will become the core competitiveness of enterprises in the future. The emergence of 5G technology promotes the rapid development of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and other aspects, and provides more powerful technical support for enterprises to build digital banks. Through collecting business data, analyzing big data, mining consumption habits, and carrying out intelligent label portraits for consumers, the guide can recommend products according to consumers' needs, bring consumers intimate and precise services, and realize members' precise marketing upgrade by only looking at the results of data analysis in advance.

5. More abundant marketing forms

5G technology can promote the diversification of marketing methods. Compared with traditional marketing carriers such as words and pictures, 360° display and short video with voice introduction can better stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The support of efficient data transmission speeds up the efficiency of communication and reception, and apparel enterprises will get more help with this kind of marketing.


In addition, high-efficiency data transmission can also achieve large-scale virtual scene construction, AR, VR and other equipment applications, so that the customization services of the apparel industry are free from store restrictions, consumers can enjoy the service experience of entering stores without leaving home, online viewing of the final effect of customized garments, experience the effect of ready-to-wear in advance. ...

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