Even if you stay in a hot car in the summer, you may be able to sleep with a "sleeping bag with a fan"


A night trip in a car that has become a quiet boom.There is no need to worry about accommodations while traveling, and it is attractive that you can go out as soon as you want.

However, It’s quite hard to spend a night in summer.As we do not want to give up staying in the car, we have introduced a new sleeping bag for people to feel comfortable by reduce 5 ° C and spend a summer stay in the car comfortably.

A sleeping bag with a fan attached to it.A cool breeze circulates in the sleeping bag, which helps alleviate the difficulty of sleeping in the summer.

It's hot when you sleep in a tropical night with the car window closed.However, when you open the window, insects come in.If you leave the air conditioner off, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to exhaust gas entering the vehicle.

Although many cars are parked at roadside stations and other places, it will bother other people, so it's no good idea to turn on the air-conditioner.We have a better choice--“Air sleeping bag” which has a system that circulates the cool breeze inside the sleeping bag.

With the dual fan attached to the bottom of the sleeping bag, the wind passes from the bottom to the top of the sleeping bag, and the sensible temperature drops about 5 degrees(Calculated value based on strong air volume setting, wind speed 4 m / s, temperature 25 degrees, humidity 80%).It has the image of "air-conditioning clothes," which is gaining popularity among people who work in factories these days.

It has a good reputation for its lightness (about 185g) and its compact size when stored.It doesn't take up much space when put in the backpack.If you unfold it, the length is about 200 cm, so even tall people can stretch their legs firmly without worry.Also, air circulates inside and the main body is always inflated, so it creates a space where you can turn over freely.

A portable battery is enough for the power supply of the fan.There is also a pocket inside the sleeping bag to store the battery (battery is not included).Also equipped with a remote control, the air volume can be adjusted from three levels: low (LOW) / medium (MIDDLE) / strong (HIGH).

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