Great for your baby's summer outings!


Air-conditioning clothing Co., Ltd. is co-developed with Dudway Co., Ltd. to prevent the hot summer, The most suitable air conditioner baby-cover was released from the Dudway original brand "Baby Hopper" at the end of April 2020.


Air conditioner cover (TM)

■ Development background

For babies who do not have a thermoregulatory function, it is important to take care to prevent the heat from staying inside the body.In hot days of the year, many moms went out while cooling with a cooling gel.However, the cooling gel did not stay cool for a long time and was not suitable for long trips.Therefore, we have started planning items that cool the baby gently, such as work clothes, which have been seen every day these days and use the electric fan to keep the air cool for a long time.This collaboration was made possible by working with Dudway Co., Ltd., which is an authorized Japanese distributor of "Ergo Baby," which boasts high recognition for childcare products.

■ Product features

POINT 1: Keeps coolness due to heat of vaporization

Evaporate sweat and cool the body with the heat of vaporization. The outside air is taken in from the fan, and the flow of wind is created between the hug strap cover and the baby, allowing sweat to evaporate quickly.It is much cooler and more comfortable using the mechanism of "physiological cooler (R)" that lowers the body temperature by the heat of vaporization when sweat evaporates.

POINT 2: three-dimensional mesh structure

Air spreads all over your back with our original 3D mesh structure and Super Spacer.

Air-conditioning clothing (TM) originally developed under the slogan "Cool clothes, not cool the space".It can be comfortably used in environments where the air conditioner cannot be used, such as when working outdoors.

POINT3: Other functions

・ UV protection

・ Water repellent

・ Hand wash OK

・ Two levels of air volume: strong / weak ("strong" outdoors, "weak" indoors depending on the scene)

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