What is "air-conditioned clothing"?


Before introducing "air conditioning suits", let's take a look at what an air conditioning suit is, how it cools the body and how it works.

· Air-conditioned clothes are overalls with small fans

Air-conditioned clothes are overalls with small fans on both sides of the waist. There are long sleeve tops, short sleeves and tank tops. In recent years, measures against heatstroke caused by extreme heat have become a problem, but it has been used to lower the body's temperature and make it easier to use comfortably in environments where air conditioning is not available, such as outdoors, factories and warehouses.

Air-conditioned clothes need their own batteries. Some are sold only as air-conditioned clothing, while others come with battery packs, so be careful when comparing prices in online stores.


· Action mechanism of air-conditioned clothes

The air drawn in by the fan flows between your body and your clothes, causing the sweat to evaporate, and the heat to evaporate cools your body. The warm moist air that passes through the clothes is expelled from the neck and cuffs.

Cooling the surface of the body also reduces sweat and reduces body pressure. In addition, when working in hot places such as hot weather, it usually takes time to rest to cool down the body. If you can work continuously, wearing air-conditioned clothes will improve work efficiency. In addition, as the sweat dries quickly, it can be expected to have the effect of making bruising harder and reducing the smell of sweat.