Work clothes with built-in cooling fan popular casual wear


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A jacket with a built-in cooling fan in the back has become a must for workers engaging in physical labor in Japan's scorching summer.

The jacket has already gained favor in workplaces such as construction and logistics sites, and now unisex designs that can be worn on casual occasions are also increasingly popular.

“Whether this item is supplied by employers will be a decisive factor in the number of responses to job offers,” a workwear retailer said.

A removable fan and battery can be attached to the jacket to cool the body by blowing air into it and evaporating the wearer's sweat. Most batteries have a large capacity, with a charge that can last throughout the workday.

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The special clothing has been bought in bulk by construction companies. Due partly to Japan's increasingly hot summers, the jacket has seen a big boom for the last couple of years。

Casual lines have become available at stores this summer, in addition to the conventional workwear designs.

Thanks to a recent trend of loose-fitting casual fashions, a puffy silhouette created by blowing air inside the jacket won't make the wearer look strange. The jacket also seems to be easy to coordinate with other clothes.

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Air-conditioned clothing, not only good for workers of construction, manufacturing, farm, lumbering, street promotion, steel factory, electronic engineering and equipment, transportation, warehouse, etc; but also good for outdoor sports fans such as golf, cycling, climbing, and so on.

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