What are the effects of air conditioning on the body?


▪The impact on the body

Physiological cooler (reference) cools the body surface to the optimum condition required by the body. It doesn't get too cold, and it stays "comfortably warm" all the time.

You can avoid wasting sweat and reduce physical exertion.

Sweat evaporates immediately, eliminating the smell of sweat.

Because sweat evaporates immediately, skin conditions such as eczema are less likely to result from sweat.

▪The improvement effect of various work efficiency

The body increases the heat produced by performing various tasks (heat produced by the body), so in order to maintain a constant body temperature, the heat produced must be released (cooled).

Therefore, when working in a hot place or doing heavy work, you cannot continue to do the same work continuously, so you must take regular breaks and keep your body cool.

Wearing an air-conditioned suit with sufficient air conditioning capacity to cover the work content enables you to cool the required amount by evaporating sweat and thus work continuously.

For example, by introducing air-conditioned clothing in workplaces that require 30 minutes of work and 30 minutes of rest, you will be able to work continuously and increase productivity. .