The popularity of smart clothing


In the future, the core algorithm, the core data analysis and integrated information processing technology, with the help of smart clothing are likely to contribute to the research of group behavior, further promote the "clothes become an interactive platform", give full play to the depth of the wear equipment intelligent, widely used in medical, health, sports field, consumer market and industrial markets.

Unlike other wearable devices, smart clothes are more customizable. Smart clothing is clothing that provides biometric data such as pulse rate, temperature, heart rate and other body movements while monitoring the wearer's physical condition. The data is then transmitted to the application in real time via Bluetooth. They can also be easily created in different colors and styles, giving us endless choices.

Because they are designed to look like regular clothing, they don't feel high-tech at all. This is especially important for people who do not want to announce to the world that they need to monitor things. Things like their heart rate or stress levels, especially if they're worn for health reasons.

Due to the huge market potential of intelligent clothing, chemical companies, garment factories and electronic equipment manufacturers have been engaged in the development of the production of permanent waterproof, fire, anti-pollution, anti-corrosion and other special requirements of clothing varieties are constantly developing to meet the needs of people for various USES. The world clothing industry will set off a research climax of special clothing technology to bring greater convenience to human life.