How can this vest cool your protective clothing?


Never slacken our efforts in prevention and control of epidemic situation in “dog days” is not to be lax. How can this vest cool your protective clothing?

At present, to prevent the coronavirus from re-entering the country to cause a new epidemic is very importand. In the hot summer, the hot sun and airtight protective clothing make the anti epidemic workers suffer from chest tightness, dizziness, headache and heatstroke. Recently, the reporter learned that a great product to solve the problem of too stuffy protective clothing has been successfully developed in Dongguan. With it, anti epidemic personnel can easily solve the problem of stuffy heat, keep cool at any time, and reduce the burden of anti epidemic work.


They come to protect us, and we have to guard them

Mr. Xue, general manager of Dongguan Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd., said: it is “dog days” now, and the outdoor noon temperature is close to 40 degrees. The anti epidemic personnel are soaked in the whole body and their hands are soaked to white by sweat, which makes people feel distressed. So they want to do something for them. "Care is the best tribute and respect to the anti epidemic soldiers." In order to do something in the fight against the epidemic situation, the R & D team of the company has conducted in-depth research and repeated tests on the problem of excessive stuffy heat caused by air tightness of protective clothing since June this year, and finally designed a solution--wind-cooled vest that can realize heat dissipation of protective clothing.


(The design team members are discussing the heat dissipation scheme of protective clothing)

According to the introduction, the air-cooled vest is mainly composed of vest, cooling fan and ice bag. The air inlet of the fan inhales the cold air of the ice bag, which can blow out cool air. In the closed environment of the protective clothing, the air circulation is formed to relieve the stuffy heat feeling and realize the cooling. In fact, this scheme has overcome two major problems in the sultry of protective clothing: one is to realize cooling under the premise of ensuring the safety protection function of protective clothing; the other is that the fan can blow normally when the air inlet is blocked by protective clothing.

The test data show that the temperature can be reduced by up to 10 degrees

According to the company's technical personnel, they tested the heat dissipation effect of the scheme, and the results showed that the internal temperature of the protective clothing was 32.0 ℃ (dropped by over 10.0 ℃)after wearing wind-cooled vest outdoors at 42.0 ℃. According to the testers, wearing wind-cooled vest can significantly reduce the feeling of stuffy heat, cooler and less sweating.


According to Mr. Xue, the product is being applied for patent, mainly used in medical institutions, customs departments, quarantine organs, etc. at present, the product is in the promotion stage, ready to be put into the market in an all-round way. Mr. Xue said he hopes to help the anti epidemic personnel who wear protective clothing and work in high temperature, and spread the concept of the product.


No one is a bystander in the prevention and control of epidemic situation. Active participation is the embodiment of enterprise's responsibility and foresight!