Heated hunting jacket for a great hunting trip!


Hunting is an adventurous activity that may be relatively uncommon within China, but is very common in some places such as North America, where weekend outings are common among American families. Proper hunting helps to protect wildlife, control ecological balance and create a better connection with nature. When hunting in colder areas, heated hunting clothes are essential. The cold and harsh conditions of the wilderness and the patience to hibernate and wait require a constant supply of heat from heated hunting clothes to keep your body warm and preserve your strength.


Heated hunting jacket is a battery-operated heating system that can be used to keep the user warm in cold conditions, mainly for hunting enthusiasts, outdoor climbers and snow sports enthusiasts. The heated hunting garments are mainly used in the front chest, shoulders and back (the heated areas can be customised) to keep the important cold areas of the body warm and safe, allowing the hunter to carry out hunting activities better.


The heated hunting jacket not only generates heat to keep you warm, but also has intelligent temperature control via the APP, with three levels of temperature control. In addition, the heated hunting jacket has a realistic and simulated pattern design, which facilitates the hunter's concealment. The heated hunting suit is made of 900D*900D waterproof Oxford cloth and thickened double-sided rocking fleece fabric, which is windproof and waterproof, comfortable and breathable, as well as wearable, scratch-resistant and practical. The heated hunting jacket is fashionable and trendy, with a high collar and windproof, removable hood lining, and a variety of styles.


Hunting in the wild is a very exciting and fulfilling activity. Whereas ordinary hunting clothing is a traditional passive way of keeping warm, heated hunting jacket can be actively heated by adding a safe heating system. Heated hunting jackets are a great help to hunters in the field, helping to conceal and hide while keeping the body warm and conserving energy for hunting animals, giving hunters better hunting experiences.