Heating pad, Make your happiness within reach


Heating pad is mainly used as a heating element in intelligent heating clothing now. Besides, due to the softness and processability, heating pad can also be used in household products, physiotherapy products and others. As long as the design is reasonable, everything is possible.


When the heating pad meets clothing

The heating pad is used in the clothing, such as coat, base layer, trousers, gloves, socks, shoes, etc., to give full play to its characteristics of even and rapid heating, far-infrared heating, bending resistance, washable, safety and stability, which can make the heated clothing have the advantages of light weight, warm protection, safe and healthy. With a heated clothing, People will enjoy a warm and comfortable winter.


When the heating pad meets physiotherapy products

According to the hot compress therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, the heating pad can be used to make the physiotherapy products, such as heated knee wrap, heated belt, heated neck guard, heated eye mask, heated shoulder pad, etc. Thermotherapy can dilate the capillaries and accelerate the blood circulation in the cold prone parts of the body. It can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, reduce inflammation and swelling, eliminate fatigue, dispel cold and dampness, and relieve pain.


When the heating pad meets the daily necessities

The heating element is light, thin and soft. The unidirectional tensile strength of carbon fiber heating wire and metal fiber composite wire is high, and the strength and durability are also very good. It can be coiled into various shapes according to the needs, and the heating element can be made by the heating wire with insulation coating. It can be used in various products that need heating, such as electric heat insulation cup cover, electric mouse pad, foot pad, etc.


At present, the main materials of heating plate on the market are metal alloy and carbon fiber. Metal fiber is one of the new fiber materials in the high-tech field, while carbon fiber is a kind of all blackbody material. Both of them are very soft materials, and both have the advantages of electricity, heat and mechanics. Therefore, it can be widely used in all kinds of heating products.

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